The posts in Gdynia are like pencils. They stand next to the school

Pencil posts have been erected in Gdynia on Kopernika Street in the Wzgórze Świętego Maksymiliana district. They are intended to prevent drivers from stopping right at the pedestrian crossing and to signal them to be careful when driving past the school located here.

The investment was carried out by the Roads and Greenery Management Board in Gdynia on the initiative of the City Council. The posts are made of polyurethane and a total of seven have been erected.

The posts were purchased from a private manufacturer. They are flexible, so they can be used for cycle paths and pedestrian crossings. The raw material from which they are made is resistant to frequent impacts. Their diameter is 80 mm and their height above ground is 1000 mm.

The posts, like crayons, were set up to prevent drivers from stopping at pedestrian crossings. Although the law prohibits leaving a car within 10 metres of intersections and pedestrian crossings, not all drivers comply with the rules. Kopernika Street in Gdynia itself has been included in the “Tempo 30” zone, which means that drivers must drive at a speed of no more than 30 km/h.

The extension of the ‘Tempo 30’ zone to Kopernika Street was requested by residents themselves. In addition, to improve safety, the pedestrian crossing was rebuilt and is now slightly elevated.

For the time being, the Roads and Greenery Management Board in Gdynia has limited itself to just seven posts and has no plans to install more in the future.

photos: M. Milewski

source: Roads and Greenery Management in Gdynia(

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