The railway station in Chelm will disappear. It will be replaced by a new building

The railwaymen have announced that the railway station in Chelm will change its face. Only part of the basement of the old building will remain. The contract with the construction contractor has already been signed.

The current station building was constructed in 1961. It is a simple structure, decorated with elements reminiscent of postmodernism. The new station in Chełm will be completely different.

The design documentation for the new station was prepared by the PAS Projekt studio. The architects propose to build a geometric block with a dominant feature. A clock will be placed in its upper part. The tower will be almost 15 metres high. The design envisages the construction of a glazed shelter in place of the eastern wing. The canopy will protect the new part of the station square, which will be filled with rest areas with street furniture, summer gardens of cafés or restaurants.

This is how the station looks today:

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The façade, which will be made of chalk-coloured facing brick, promises to be an interesting feature of the project. The colour is no accident. The architects wanted to refer in this way to the history of the town, which developed thanks to the chalk mining and processing industry in the 1920s. The bricks will be laid in such a way as to give a decorative pattern. The ground floor part of the building will be heavily glazed. The plan is that the upper part of the building will be covered with climbing plants.

What will passengers gain? The new lobby will be 250 square metres in size and two storeys high. The space will be illuminated by a large skylight. Granite slabs will be laid on the floor and the walls will be finished in architectural concrete. An eagle-shaped plan of the city will be imprinted on one of the concrete slabs.

This is a reference to the expansion of the town of Chełm in the 20 years between the wars with the “Directorate” estate. The urban layout of this part of the town resembled the outline of an eagle. This was to symbolise the rebirth of the Polish state and its economic development,” the railwaymen report.

The waiting hall will be filled with new benches, display cases with timetables and electronic boards for train arrivals and departures. A ticket office and rooms for trade or services will also be built. On the first floor, offices will be built.

Revolutionary changes await the square in front of the station. The railwaymen are planning to lay a new surface, create a new green space with a lawn on the west side and plant trees and shrubs (lime tree, rowan, forsythia, arborvitae, quince). In total, the works are expected to cost nearly £26 million.

source: PKP S.A.

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