The return of neon signs in Poznań. The first one is already lit!

A campaign is underway in Poznań in which the city is providing financial support for the production and installation of neon signs. In this way, the centre of Poznań is to be illuminated by colourful decorations, of which there were many in the city several decades ago. The effects are already visible.

A new neon sign has appeared on the facade of the tenement house at Plac Wolności 5. It has no advertising function, but only promotes the address and welcomes residents. The neon sign consists of vertical lamps arranged on a semi-circular structure and the numbers “5”. Just above it hangs a slogan with a positive message – “GOOD DAY”.

It is not a static neon sign. The lamps in question light up and go out according to a specific sequence, creating a dynamic effect. The neon sign was created in the Heinze family studio in Poznań and refers to the tradition of the place, which used to be the illuminated Plac Wolności.

The ‘Neon Poznań’ programme, under which the city financially supports the installation of neon signs, was divided into stages. Until 8 July, applications for funding could be submitted. Importantly, not everyone willing to apply could count on a grant. The decision on which neon signs will be made will be taken by a competition jury composed of representatives of the city hall and the Poznań University of Arts.

In the 1970s, Poznań was lit up by numerous neon signs. Now we want to return to this tradition. The competition is an extension of a similar initiative held last year. At that time, we invited entities from the city centre to take part, now we are encouraging interested parties from all over Poznań to participate,” says Jędrzej Solarski, deputy mayor of the city.

Grants can be awarded to those neon signs, whose projects will be innovative, ingenious and characterised by high artistic and visual values. A total of PLN 100,000 is budgeted, with the cost of making one neon not to exceed PLN 15,000.

source:, Plac Wolności Association

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