The River Art Gallery in Rybnik. It is like a small MSN

This is a new place on the cultural map of Rybnik. The River Art Gallery is a modest, grey building that has become a new home for art. Its design was prepared by architect Paweł Skóra.

The new building stands in the very centre of the city. Inside, exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography are organised. The cultural institution also organises educational workshops.

The modest building was designed by Paweł Skóra. Due to the intense built environment, the building is very simple. Its grey façade makes it seem to blend in with its surroundings. The new building is home to the Centre for Art Education and the River Gallery.

The Gallery’s location in the very centre of the city of Rybnik, makes it easily accessible and open to all interested parties. It is the only space of its kind in the area. The idea for this place came from people who are involved in the visual arts in a broad sense in our city. The building was designed specifically to create a modern institution where sculpture, painting, photography and other types of modern art will find their place, says Piotr Kuczera, Mayor of Rybnik.

The building has been designed on a simple plan. It has an entrance on each of its four sides, which leads to a hall. In the latter, a white staircase performs a decorative function. In total, the building is two storeys high and 10 metres high. The ceiling is crowned by a large skylight, which lets in natural light.

The architect created a symmetrical building with a clear functional layout. A cloakroom and ticket office were created downstairs. On the ground floor, two smaller rooms have also been created for training courses. Thanks to the retractable walls, they can be combined into one larger room.

An exhibition space occupies the upper floor. The first exhibition organised was dedicated to the work of sculptor Adolf Ryszka. Also on display is an exhibition of photographs by Chris Niedenthal, which Warsaw residents could previously view in the local History Meeting House.

The mission of the institution, focuses on education and the development of cultural and artistic interests of all generations of Rybnik residents. One of the goals of the River Gallery is to create a platform for the exchange of ideas between artists and society, to build human capital around ideas derived from art and to create a place where art becomes a living discussion, inspiration and reflection on the world,’ emphasises Nina Giba, manager of the River Gallery.

Previously, Rybnik lacked a place with a modern exhibition space. The River Gallery fills this gap and enables the inhabitants to have contact with art.

photos: Marcin Giba

source: The River Art Gallery(

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