Liberty Residence

The Warsaw skyline will be enriched by a new skyscraper. It will be built on Grzybowska Street

Resi Capital S.A., a company of the Cavatina Group S.A. development group, has acquired a plot of land at the junction of Grzybowska and Żelazna Streets. According to the preliminary concept presented, Liberty Residence is to be a high-rise project and will provide approximately 500 flats in an extremely attractive location in the Wola district of Warsaw. This is another transaction related to the purchase of land for primarily flats within the group – last year Cavatina Holding S.A. bought a plot of land at 75 Chmielna Street.

The land purchase transaction was a combined transaction – thanks to good cooperation, two entities entered into the agreement with the seller: Resi Capital S.A. and Dantex. The second buyer intends to build approximately 200 flats on the eastern part of the plot. This transaction proves that an unconventional approach and cooperation between development companies often becomes the key to its conclusion and the development of the site, which will close the modern development completed between Towarowa and Żelazna Streets.

“This project is part of our philosophy, which aims to create unique places including vibrant, energetic, dynamic ones. The investment at Grzybowska Street is an addition to a highly recognisable place on the map of the city of Warsaw, which makes us all the more happy to be part of it. We have several other exceptional locations in our portfolio that are in the pipeline. We plan to launch at least three of them later in 2024. However, it is the next year that may prove to be a breakthrough for our company due to the unique investments planned to be introduced, changing the perception of desirable living space,’ says Przemysław Pieniążek, Member of the Management Board of Dantex Holding Sp. z o.o.

Grzybowska Street now and in the future. Photo: Google Maps and

“In 2023, which is our first full year of running sales, we have signed contracts for more than 850 units. We do not intend to slow down this year. With the acquisition of the plot on Grzybowska Street, we confirm that we care about the best locations and are significantly increasing the scale of our operations. We want Liberty Residence to consist of a tower and a lower wing along Grzybowska Street, in which we also envisage 2-storey arcades. In addition, we will propose green terraces at the height of the 10th and 17th floors. A team of Cavatina architects is working on this concept in cooperation with the international renowned design office Epstein,” says Mirosława Płużek, CEO of Resi Capital S.A.

Liberty Residence

The concept envisages the construction of a 3-storey underground car park with over 200 parking spaces. The ground floor of Liberty Residence would include commercial premises with a total area of 1,000 sqm and a spacious lobby. The developer plans to offer one-, two-, three-, four- and five-room flats with floor areas ranging from 25 to 180 sqm.

In its project portfolio, the company already has investments: Global Apartments and Katowicka Residence in Katowice, Quorum Apartments in Wrocław, Tuwima Apartments in Łódź and Ocean Apartments in Kraków. Further projects are also in the pipeline and will be successively launched throughout 2024 and 2025.


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