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The way to a good night’s sleep. DeLuxe mattresses Editon by Hilding

The new mattress collection was born out of the need for comfort, relaxation and convenience. A good and uninterrupted sleep is an exclusive good worth investing in. The Swedish brand Hilding has created a series that responds to the needs of different customers, giving them a personalisation option that is unprecedented in this product category. The mattresses are united by original design and advanced technological solutions to provide the ultimate sleeping comfort.

The history of the Hilding Anders company dates back to 1939. It was founded in Sweden as a family business. Decades of experience have made it the leading mattress manufacturer in the world today. The latest DeLuxe Editon by Hilding collection is manufactured in Poland. Engineers and designers have developed four different styles, which are united by the use of high-quality raw materials. In the mattresses you will find, among others, highly elastic foams, hypoallergenic latex and an innovative system of mini springs. The whole is encased in durable and elegant covers. In total, the new collection consists of twelve mattresses, which are created by combining one of three inserts (Aida, Figaro, Otello) with one of four cover styles: Modern, Glamour, Baroque and English Breakfast.

The creation of the new collection DeLuxe Edition by Hilding is a consequence of the company’s development, observation of the international market and the diverse needs of customers. As a concern, we have unique experience in the design and production of mattresses, our own laboratory for product testing and we are constantly looking for new technological solutions to create ever better sleeping conditions. In the new collection we combine the best design and innovative material solutions as well as extensive knowledge of ergonomics, the human body and its needs to ensure proper regeneration – says Marta Bartoszak, marketing director at Hilding Anders Polska.

Regeneration, health and well-being are influenced by what’s inside. Within the collection you can choose from three models of inserts: Figaro, Aida, Otello. They are technologically advanced and differentiated by the choice of components and the comfort offered. Importantly, with this collection we avoid solving the eternal dilemma. Which mattress to choose? Soft or firm? Foam or spring? The described series is a hybrid of all these solutions and combines their best properties. Thanks to this, we can adjust the mattress to our needs. We will determine where the proper support (firmness) should be and adjust it to our body during sleep. If you want to choose the right mattress, you should test the variant yourself in your living room. The customisation option allows you to create 12 different mattresses.

Once you have chosen one of the three inserts, it remains to choose the right cover. It is a plus that the manufacturer offers this choice. This allows you to match the look of the mattress to the bedroom interior. What are the differences between the different cover styles and mattresses?


The Modern style has been designed for minimalist interiors, whose strengths are the beauty of simple shapes and functionality. Mattresses in the Modern style are surrounded by fabric with a simple pattern and emphasise the minimalism of the bedroom. The geometric quilting on the top side is covered with a fluffy and soft to the touch fabric. The sides of the mattress are made of a jacquard fabric in a fine chequered pattern combining light and dark shades of grey. The whole is complemented by several tones of darker, thicker piping. The Modern style captivates with its sincerity. It is simple and elegant, without unnecessary embellishments. All this for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Modern with AIDA insert


Interiors in the glamour style are characterised by expressive decorations, sophisticated fabrics and luxurious accessories. This style is not for everyone, but has its fans all over the world. It is for them that mattresses with glamour covers are designed. The surface of the mattress is made of a soft-touch white fabric and quilted in striking geometric patterns. Equally refined are the sides of the mattress, which are covered with fluffy velour in an elegant shade of grey. An interesting detail is the edges finished with a decorative ribbed trim and the delicately stitched brand logo.

Glamour with AIDA insert


It makes you feel as if you are in a royal court. The Baroque style refers to refined palaces decorated with gold and crystals. In such an interior design, every corner is luxurious. Baroque covers are the answer to this style. Hilding designers have distinguished them with sophisticated, luxurious decorations. The surface of the mattress is quilted in symmetrically distributed polygons, the shape of which is reminiscent of a honeycomb. The whole is complemented by decorations – these are embossed, ornamental flowers. The cover has expressive sides. They are made of soft velour fabric and divided by horizontal stitching marking the individual layers of the mattress. In this variant, the cover is finished with decorative piping with an elegant and classic expression.

Baroque with AIDA insert

English Breakfast

The décor of English bedrooms cannot be mistaken for any other. They are characterised by cosiness and comfort. Different patterns and textures are mixed together in these interiors. The room is often decorated with family heirlooms and other objects that evoke memories. The English Breakfast style cover allows you to arrange the bedroom in a luxurious and classic style. The high and multi-layered mattress is decorated with a cover made of jacquard, slightly shiny fabric. The designers gave it a light grey colour and decorated it with a cross-stitch pattern. The sides are distinguished by vertical stitching reminiscent of tabs or pleats. The whole is finished with satin trim. Why use the dining room when you can have breakfast in such a refined setting?

English Breakfast with AIDA insert

We already know the surround. The covers provide the opportunity to match the mattresses to the interior design and interact with the sense of sight. However, it’s what’s on the inside that provides sleep comfort.

When designing theFigaro mattress, Hilding engineers tried to answer the question: how can we ensure uninterrupted, deep, relaxing and restorative sleep? As a result, they developed a multilayered mattress that is made from a combination of latex, minipocket springs and Aquasoft high-flexibility foam. Closest to the body is a layer of soft and resilient latex, which allows you to have the sensation of floating slightly. Latex is a hypoallergenic material, so the mattress is suitable for allergy sufferers. Below this is the minipocket layer. This is an innovative system of tiny springs placed in pockets that adjust to the individual body parts. The mattress core is made of a special elastic foam divided into seven hardness zones. The foam has ventilation holes to allow air flow.

Side of the FIGARO insert in Modern style

TheAida mattress was born out of the need to bring the comfort and convenience of the spa into the home bedroom. The mattress is distinguished by the use of unique spring technology and resilient foams. In total, you will find more than 2000 springs with a very small diameter. This ensures maximum adaptation of the mattress to the current position. Interestingly, the manufacturer has used springs of different hardnesses to achieve seven zones of support. Another interesting feature is the TigerTouch and CelciusVisco foams used in the Aida mattress. The latter activates its properties under the influence of our body heat and adapts to the shape of our body. Also, this mattress ensures free airflow which contributes to proper temperature and sleep hygiene.

Corner AIDA insert in Modern style

The Otello mattress differs from the first two in the presence of an additional topper – this is a special layer filled with soft non-woven fabric and foam. The core of the mattress is a two-layer spring system which provides support to all parts of the body at different pressures. This system is complemented by highly flexible SuperSoft foam responsible for even pressure distribution and giving springiness to the mattress surface, the shape of which follows the movement of the body during sleep. Otello is a good choice for people who change their sleeping position frequently.

Modern-style OTELLO insert

We spend a lot of time in bed. A comfortable night’s sleep influences how we feel and act on the second day. Often, we don’t realise how advanced solutions can be found in modern mattresses. Let’s keep them in mind so that we can choose the perfect mattress for our needs with full knowledge.

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