The whiteMAD zone at the Łódź Design Festival. “What is colour?”

As part of this year’s Łódź Design Festival, the whiteMAD magazine has prepared a zone presenting Polish design and encouraging people to try to define the word COLOUR. The art container set up at the Festival Centre is open to all visitors. It is also part of the premiere of the new issue of the whiteMAD magazine, whose motto is COLOUR.

COLOUR is everywhere. Even when it is not there, it is there. It surrounds us, creates reality, creates rituals, conveys information, is a carrier of symbols and hidden meanings.

For a painter, colour is a tool, for a writer a symbol, for a film-maker a carrier of information, for a driver a signal, for a believer a ritual, for a sailor a direction, for a physicist a wave. The examples can be multiplied almost endlessly. An unambiguous definition of colour is therefore very difficult, even impossible. Both the colour itself and its understanding change depending on the observer, his sensory skills and the point or moment of observation.

So what is colour? We asked respected representatives from the worlds of photography, architecture, design and art for their definitions of colour. In the latest 22nd issue of whiteMAD magazine, their definitions of colour were prepared for us by: Katarzyna Ramocka and Michał Woroniakphotography duo ZASOBY STUDIO; Przemo Łukasik architect Medusa Group; Dorota Koziara design artist Dorota Koziara Studio ;Oskar Zięta designer Zieta Studio; Katarzyna Baumiller architect Katarzyna Baumiller Studio and artist Maurycy Gomulicki. Their definitions of colour can be found in the 22nd issue of whiteMAD HERE.

The space created in the whiteMAD exhibition container is also about colour. The objects collected there are a journey through various colours and celebrate the artistry of design. From large forms to small elements. Everyone has found their place in this palette. What objects can be seen inside? These include:

Standing mirror, hanging shelves / HOGAI /

Mirror cubbies / GLASS DECORATOR /

The Frame TVs / SAMSUNG /

Sri Lankan mask / author unknown / private collection

Installation NAVIS DAU / TAUART /

Florist / BUJNIE /



Untitled painting / WOJCIECH ZUBALA / private collection

Painting We Were / PAWEŁ KRYŃSKI / private collection

Hanging lamp, standing lamp / NODI STUDIO /

This year’s edition of Łódź Design Festival runs until Sunday, 26 May. We wrote more about the event in the article HERE.

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