There was an ugly banner, there’s a modest neon sign. New website for the dance studio

The new shop window of a dance studio in Ostrów Wielkopolski was created as part of the ‘Signboard in the air’ campaign. This is a project carried out by the city, thanks to which entrepreneurs with shops and service outlets in the city can improve the aesthetics of their premises. Officials invite visual identity experts to design specific solutions.

This year saw the second edition of the ‘Signboard in the breath’ event. This time, the city chose Kolejowa Street. Owners of shops and service outlets operating there had the opportunity to join the project and, at no cost, improve the aesthetics of their shop window. As part of the project, willing shop and service outlet owners were able to participate in an educational workshop conducted by the archiBUNT Association. During the workshop, entrepreneurs were able to see the metamorphoses of shop windows of other establishments and learn about the importance of aesthetics not only for a specific business, but for the entire street and, on a macro scale, the city.

Previously, we wrote about the metamorphosis of the Dora shop window (read HERE). This time, we can watch the effects of the changes made to the façade of the dance studio. Previously, the shop window was covered with photos and inscriptions presenting the offer of the place: American step, modern jazz or classical dance. In addition to the photographs, the windows were covered with purple panels. Above them hung a banner reading “Ostrów dance studio”. This view is now history.

Today, the Star dance studio has a completely new graphic. The windows are still covered, but have neutral-coloured stickers. Instead of pictures, there are delicate drawings and inscriptions: ballet, step, folk, jazz and modern. The banner has also disappeared from the façade. In its place, the shop window was decorated with neon signs. One above the entrance door with the inscription ‘Star’ and another perpendicular to the building, which depicts a ballerina reaching for a star.

Interestingly, the neon consists of several layers that shine alternately. This treatment made the ballerina appear to be dancing. The visual identity was designed by Konrad Moszyński, and Jacek Zamojski was responsible for the implementation.

Comparison of BEFORE and AFTER:

Thank you to the workshop participants for whom the visual side of our city is important! The result – beautiful! I had the great pleasure and honour to personally thank the entrepreneurs for their participation in our neon action,” said Beata Klimek, Mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski.

During the last edition of the programme, new shop windows appeared in four premises. The cost of all the makeovers amounted to PLN 30,000. This year, the city is planning to carry out a third edition of the project.

source and photos: ArchiBUNT Association

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