They did it brilliantly! Rebranding of the Kwidzyn Cultural Centre

The rebranding of the Kwidzyn Cultural Centre was carried out in December 2023. Its authors are the goodnews team, and the result of the specialists’ work was preceded by a workshop with residents, who had a real influence on the choice of the final design.

The rebranding of the Kwidzyn Cultural Centre included the creation of the institution’s new logo, branch logos, business cards, name badges, letterheads, an image poster template, a poster template with a programme of events, as well as graphics for social media and logo animations.

The design was intended to reflect the values of the institution developed during workshops held with residents. These resulted in the identification of key slogans to guide the new identity. These include modernity, inclusivity, dynamism, fun, openness and energy. The identity was to be fresh and attractive, eye-catching and stand out from other communications. At the same time, it was to be approachable, legible and easily adaptable by KCK staff in the future.

The workshop was divided into several parts. In the first, educational one, the designers presented a moodboard with inspirations. They showed examples of good practice, successful culture-related branding from the country and the world. They also discussed design issues, explaining concepts such as identification, branding, logos and visual communication. In the second part, participants were divided into groups and given design sheets to fill in. In the third, a discussion followed. The answers given were discussed and conclusions drawn. In total, a group of 30 people made up of KCK staff and Kwidzyn residents participated in the workshop.

source: Kwidzyn Cultural Centre, photo by Karolina Mrówczyńska

The involvement of the residents in the project, their diversity, good energy and desire for change were a strong inspiration for the project. Based on this, we designed branding that is lively, energetic, flexibly adaptable and at the same time not complicated and demanding, says the goodnews team.

The finale of the workshop was a vote. Participants had to choose the moodboard they felt was best. The designers then prepared the final versions of the logo. A total of three logo proposals were created, from which the best was chosen by the residents. A total of 279 people took part in the vote.

source: Kwidzyn Cultural Centre, photo: Karolina Mrówczyńska

The diversity of the activities undertaken by the Kwidzyn Cultural Centre was to be visible in the graphics prepared. At the same time, the identification should unite the five branches that together make up the KCK. These are the Main Branch, CinemaTheatre, Black Room, Tabularium and the newest Cultural Casino.

The idea for the form came from the desire to combine all these elements into a whole. We created a layout – a jigsaw puzzle (blocks), which are meant to reflect the character of good fun, games and to arouse interest, ” add the authors of the project.

The basis for their preparation is a grid on which individual graphic elements, photos and texts are arranged. This allows the layouts to be varied, sometimes very simple and sometimes very complex. The proposed colour palette is broad and offers many possibilities for use. At the same time, all the colours have been thought out so that they work together.

The identity has been implemented and is being used by the KCK. It has fulfilled its intentions, i.e. to organise the various activities of the institution under a coherent banner and to restore its professionalism. It exudes good energy, just like the activities created by the KCK.


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