This is how the Lodz ironwork is growing. The corner part is already finished

The NEW IRON project was prepared by architects from Marcin Tomaszewski’s studio REFORM Architekt. The Łódź iron is a modern building that occupied a plot of land at Struga Street. Its unusual shape determined the shape of the block, which was used in the design.

“Iron” is a popular term for buildings with a pointed top, which are built on triangular plots. The name is derived from the 1902 Fuller Building in New York, which was one of the tallest buildings in the city and was built on a narrow corner lot. Over the years, the townhouse came to be referred to as the Flatiron Building.

Warsaw also has its own “iron”. It is the Kacperskis’ tenement house at Plac Unii. We wrote more about it HERE. Another “iron” can be seen in Poznań – it is a tenement house from 2019, whose shape resembles the building standing here before. You can see the project of the CDF Architekci team in the article HERE.

The Łódź ‘iron’ is completely different. Modern. NEW IRON is an apartment building with a total area of just over 1,100 square metres. At its highest, corner location, the building is six storeys high and 26 m high. The opposing walls are connected by a curved, heavily glazed section. On the ground floor of the glass ‘tube’ is a circular column supporting the overhang.

The building in the depth of the plot has a varied façade. This is due to the conservation officer’s guidelines and is intended to emphasise the historical division of the plot. The architect introduced a structural expansion joint and divided the façade into two parts. Despite this differentiation, the entire apartment building has been kept in a uniform style.

This is how the building looked in the visualisation we published in 2021:

The project envisages the creation of 37 flats inside, the largest of which will be two-storey and 83 sq m in size. In addition, penthouse flats will be created. The investor assumes that the construction of the building will be completed in the middle of this year.

source: REFORM Architekt

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