Toruń: former barracks buildings after renovation

The buildings of the former barracks located at 146, 148 and 150 Mickiewicza Street have been renovated. Residents have gained new roofs, a renovated façade and more.The problem, however, is the devastation of the renovated elements; the renovation was carried out using EU funds, which imposes the necessity of maintaining the renovated parts in good condition for five years

The buildings, located at 146, 148 and 150 Mickiewicza Street, were constructed between 1882 and 1884 in a timber-frame construction, each measuring 94 metres in length. The buildings were part of a now defunct barracks complex built for the 4th von Schmidt Lancer Regiment. The buildings are of historical value, having been built on an elongated rectangular plan with a central risalit and two side wings. The main body is two-storey, while the risalits and wings are three-storey. The military buildings served until 1945

The complex was entered in the register of monuments in 2011, as a unique element of the historic urban layout of the Bydgoski Przedmieście district. In total, there are 141 flats here, half of which are social housing. Today, the former barracks buildings are home to half a thousand people

During the renovation, which was completed in November 2022, the common areas were refurbished. The work included refurbishing the roof and façade, replacing the roof covering, re-bricking the chimneys, refurbishing the external stairs, renovating the window and door frames and tidying up the electrical installation on the façade. This is a revolution, as the facilities were previously in a poor state of repair

As reported by, not all residents like the renovated elements. Almost every week, the renovated parts are damaged – windows are smashed, handles and fittings are broken. Walls are being damaged and paint is appearing on them. This is problematic because the buildings have been renovated with funding, which requires that the integrity of the project be maintained in a good state of repair within five years of completion. In order to maintain good condition, the employees of Zakład Gospodarki Mieszkaniowej in Toruń have to carry out further repair work, which generates additional costs

The stairwells have not yet been renovated. Zakład Gospodarki Mieszkaniowej in Toruń is trying to obtain funding for the renovation of the staircases under the Government Programme for the Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings. Officials have submitted an application assuming a subsidy of PLN 3.5 million. Since there are already problems with maintaining the renovated elements in good condition, is there any point in renovating the staircases?

How much did the renovation cost? Quite a lot. Fortunately, the vast majority of the amount was obtained from EU funds. The renovation of the building at 146 Mickiewicza Street cost PLN 1,895,769 (of which the funding from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget amounted to PLN 1,800,981). In the case of the building at 148 Mickiewicza Street, the renovation cost PLN 1,648,916 (with co-financing of PLN 1,566,470). The last of the three buildings at 150 Mickiewicza required work worth PLN 1,685,999 (of which the subsidy amounted to PLN 1,601,699)

photo: Filip Tomasik/Toruń City Hall

source: ZGM Toruń(

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