Warm minimalism. A flat in Warsaw, where wood and white reign supreme

The interior was designed by Monika Gruszka-Ziółkowska of the LUUMO studio. The flat is located in Warsaw. The designer opted for timeless minimalism and functionality.

The interior design was created for a couple of young people who lead an active lifestyle. They love sailing and travelling to distant parts of the world. Despite the colourful cultures they experienced during their voyages, they decided that their Warsaw refuge would be bright, modest and minimalist. This is a deliberate choice. The white walls were to become the background for the colourful accents. The investors presented their idea to the architect.

The initial moodboard of their inspiration included an abundance of wood and white colour, which later served as a backdrop for bolder experiments. Theflat was to be timeless, resistant to fads, combining a simple Scandinavian style with invigorating accents ideally suited to the investors’ active lifestyle,” recalls Monika Gruszka-Ziółkowska.

The first concept evolved over time. Already while working on the project, the investors decided to smuggle some bolder solutions into the space. Examples include colourful furniture upholstery, patterned bathroom tiles, colourful lamps or details such as turtle-shaped furniture handles.

When arranging the interior, the architect based the design on the existing layout of the rooms. The most important challenge was the design of the living area, which consists of the living room, kitchen and dining room. The designer managed to separate the zones of the room and create a clear division.

The result is a bright and modest space that exudes positive energy.

The colourful but subdued space became a reflection of their adventurous spirit and love of life,” adds Monika Gruszka-Ziółkowska of the LUUMO studio in conclusion.


About the studio:

Studio LUUMO is an original interior design studio founded in 2013 in Warsaw. The studio is led by Monika Gruszka-Ziółkowska – a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Warsaw University of Technology. The founder has previously worked with renowned architectural offices in Warsaw.

design: LUUMO

photos: Patryk Polewany(www.polewany.com)

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