Warsaw: they cleaned old mosaics. A grassroots campaign by young people

The action was carried out over two days. It was attended by 13 people. Enthusiasts of old mosaics decided to clean the mosaics located on the Banach Hospital building in Warsaw. They removed graffiti and bushes to reveal the work in all its glory.

Kalina Kaczmarek was the organiser of the event. She managed to gather a group of volunteers who restored two mosaics to their former glory in five hours. The works of art are located on the wall of a modest building next to the heliport. They were probably created in the 1970s. However, in recent years it has been difficult to draw attention to them. They were hidden under a layer of spray paint and obscured by bushes.

The cleaning process was not complicated. Washing liquids, towels and rags were enough to make the ceramic ornaments shine again. Before the process took place, Kalina Kaczmarek, who runs the styledoctor.pl profile on Instagram, saw the mosaics herself and decided that she would not leave them in such a state. Using her social media, she sought out volunteers who turned up on 9 and 11 June to start the work.

The mosaic BEFORE cleaning:

Mosaics during the communist era were a common feature decorating walls in both interiors and exteriors. Many valuable works have survived to this day. We have previously written, among others, about the mosaics at the Ursynów metro station, which were entered in the register of monuments in 2023 (read HERE), or the mosaics by Wojciech Fangor that decorate the platforms of the Warszawa Śródmieście station (read HERE). You can read more about other mosaics in our articles HERE.

photos: Marcin Mazur moze_byc

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