Welier. An unusual jewellery workshop on the market in Czempin.

Welier is an unusual jewellery studio combined with an open creative space. The premises, founded and run by Weronika Walenciak, are located in a townhouse on the market square in Czempin. This place is not just a jewellery showroom where you can just walk in and buy jewellery. It is a holistic place that combines jewellery art, a meeting centre, as well as a workshop space and a studio

In Veronica’s own words:“Welier is an Unobvious Jewellery Studio combined with a workshop space and a wonderful garden offering various events for the local community, but not only – exhibitions, guest meetings, jewellery and ring workshops, self-care classes, creative workshops and outdoor yoga during the summer in the Welier garden.”

And behind it all, as the initiator, is Weronika Walenciak. Weronika is also responsible for the interior design of the studio. The furniture, displays and workshop area were all created from her conceptual drawings, and she refers to the studio itself as a dream come true. Weronika dreamt of a jewellery workshop that would not be hermetic, closed off to others, where one could see what the work of a craftsman goldsmith looks like, as well as experience the work of a jewellery designer. Hence the openwork wall with brass bars in the studio – when a customer enters the studio from the corner of his eye he can see what is currently being created in the jewellery space

The jewellery showcases are mobile, making it easy to rearrange the studio for workshops in autumn and winter. The space is decorated with gold irregular, abstract elements that decorate the ceiling and the corridor in the studio. The interior of the space is dominated by the edginess, in the signature colours of Veronica’s jewellery brand of powder pink, olive and terrazzo, while outside Welier there is a lot of greenery and a fountain, which is great for relaxation and meditation during a summer yoga practice. The bathroom is in shades of pink and brushed gold

The door to the bathroom is in the shape of a half arch, and it is this that starts the immersion in the round forms as soon as you enter. In the customer area, there is an area for co-designing jewellery with the customer. There is a velour, comfortable sofa designed by Veronica and realised by a local craftsman. The idea behind the Welier project was to act locally from the very beginning – that is, to bring together local craftsmen and have them create unusual furniture based on Weronika’s design

Veronika designs and makes jewellery, is a yoga teacher, runs jewellery workshops, painting workshops, rides gravel and shares her good energy with other people…. An artistic soul with many more passions!

For 7 years she has been moving around Poland and beyond, developing her skills as an artist-designer, working for many companies as a design designer, and in May 2023, with her creative experience, she decided to open Welier – Open Creative Space in Czempin accessible to everyone, where everyone will be able to discover their talent and feel like an uncut diamond

photos: Agata Śmichurska

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