What does it take to get a prescription online?

For many Poles, access to a doctor who provides services under the National Health Fund is difficult. This situation particularly affects people who want to make an appointment to see a specialist. The average waiting time for a consultation is about four months. Problems arise both in the case of diagnosis and the continuation of existing treatment. In this case, an online consultation may be helpful.

Online medical services are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. It is a fast and effective way to consult a specialist doctor, receive an e-prescription or e-referral. At Halomed – an online prescription is available almost immediately. All you need to do is fill in a form and answer a few questions about your condition. What does it look like in practice?

What is needed for an online prescription?

Waiting a long time to see a specialist can lead to poor health. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more patients are using teleprescribing to obtain an online prescription. This document is just as important as a traditional prescription issued in the doctor’s office during an in-patient visit. The patient is given a 4-digit code that entitles them to buy the prescription at any pharmacy of their choice.

Your doctor can issue you with an online prescription based on the information he or she obtains from you. To do this, you will be asked to fill in a form and create a patient account. The details you need to provide are:

  • patient’s name,
  • correspondence address, e-mail address, telephone number,
  • pESEL number,
  • name of the medicine you need,
  • number of packs,
  • time of receipt of online prescription,
  • information about your body temperature, ailments and chronic diseases.

In many cases, it is also necessary to include medical records. Once you have paid for the service, your doctor may contact you by phone to ask about your symptoms or request any additional documentation they need to decide whether to issue an online prescription.

How does an online prescription work?

At Halomed, you can receive your prescription online up to one hour after filling your application or up to 12 hours. This will depend on which option you choose. If your doctor is satisfied that there are no contraindications to an online prescription, then you will be given a 4-digit code which, along with your PESEL, you must enter at the pharmacy to purchase the medication.

Your prescription information will also be available when you log into your patient account. Through your account, you can contact the doctor of your choice if you still have any questions about the service. This is a convenient solution for people who want to continue their treatment, but for various reasons are unable to contact their GP from the clinic they belong to at the time.

Online prescription is a convenient and safe alternative for patients from all over the country. This way, you can get a prescription for the medicine of your choice exactly when you need it. Online consultations eliminate the problem of distant appointments and queues to see a doctor, thereby increasing the availability of medical services.

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