Will the market in Wrocław go green? Residents want change

The idea to make the Market Square in Wrocław green again was submitted as part of the Wrocław Citizens’ Budget. Residents can already vote for individual projects. Will the Green Market project be implemented? The citizens of Wrocław will decide

The Market Square in Wrocław used to be green. This is proven by archival photos, which are not that old. Trees were still growing in the market square during the communist period, where the Polish-Czechoslovak Friendship Tree was proudly perched on the slab. In 1996, in connection with the modernisation of the surface and technical infrastructure of the Market Square, the tree was cut down. Around this tree grew lower greenery, which is no longer there today

The idea to bring greenery back to the Wrocław Market was put forward by Kasia Biała of the mossmoss studio. The project to plant trees in the Market Square is intended to serve residents and tourists. On hot days, the trees will provide shade and on rainy days they will act as an umbrella. In addition, this planting is intended to help unclog the pavement and drain excess rainwater during downpours

The trees will be planted near the benches and where historically this greenery was already in place. Each of the trees will be named after a famous Wroclawian who has made a contribution to the city. The figure could be selected by means of a vote of the inhabitants. As a city selected for the Mission of Cities programme, Wrocław could become a leader and inspiration for other centres in Poland and Europe

In the op-ed of the submitted project, we read the advantages of planting trees. Plants purify the air, have a positive effect on health and well-being, increase the biodiversity and visual attractiveness of a place

140 kg of oxygen is produced by one tree in a year, which is the amount consumed by one adult human being; 70 kg is the amount of harmful particles and air pollutants one tree can absorb in a year, according to mossmoss

Will the Green Market project be realised? Residents can vote on the website HERE

source: mossmoss

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