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Gone are the days when windows only had a utilitarian function. Today, they are becoming an integral part of the interior and make the enjoyment of your dream home more enjoyable. In this article, we have collected examples of ingenious arrangements in which windows play a central role.

Choosing the right window is an investment for years. When building a house, it is worth choosing products whose technical specifications not only meet current needs, but also meet the challenges of the future. What is it all about? Modern windows effectively dampen noise, perfectly insulate heat in winter and coolness in summer, which allows to use less energy and translates into concrete savings. In addition, modern windows allow more natural light into the interior – this will be particularly appreciated in autumn and winter, when the days are shorter.

A window as a place of relaxation

The joy of reading is greater if we settle down with a book in a pleasantly arranged space. A home library can be spacious, but it does not have to take up a lot of space. All it takes is a clever arrangement of the window to create an attractive corner that will fit even in a small flat.

In the single-family house project pictured below, you can see a home library designed around a panoramic window. The custom-made cabinetry helped to give the space a cosy feel. Shelves were arranged on the sides and above the window, and a comfortable seat was created just below it with drawers below. This is a practical solution that saves a lot of space. Favourite books can be kept close at hand, while sitting right by the window, you can admire the landscape. And how can you stop yourself from absorbing the next chapter in such an arrangement?

Panoramic view

Modern architecture likes glazing. Large windows allow more natural light to penetrate the interior, while staying inside you can enjoy the view of the nearby greenery. The use of large spaces in detached houses also makes it possible to combine the living room with the garden, which becomes an extension of the living area and brings the household closer to nature.

Frameless windows

The impression of space is enhanced by frameless panoramic windows. They are modern and have very good thermal parameters. There is no need to worry about losing heat in the winter. Panoramic windows are best exposed on the east, south or west side. This placement will ensure that the most rays will come into the interior. For those who want to enjoy a beautiful view, Internorm Panorama HX 300 windows are a good choice, which can even be used in passive houses.


Homeowners particularly appreciate being able to enjoy their terrace. The right windows and patio doors will allow this space to be enjoyed especially in spring, summer and autumn. A favourite with architects are sliding patio doors with a low threshold. This last element in particular is important. With a low threshold, the living space of the house connects with the terrace almost on the same line. Such a view is an aesthetes’ paradise. An example of a sliding terrace door is the HS 330.

Sliding patio doors can be up to 270 cm wide and 280 cm high. The entire construction element can be up to 5.8 metres wide. This offers enormous design possibilities. Such doors also provide security for the residents. They can be easily interlocked and windows with laminated glass are difficult to break through.

Comfortable privacy

The dream home should offer a sense of privacy. Windows can be decorated with traditional curtains or blinds, but you can also go for more modern solutions. What are they? An interesting solution are windows with an integrated blind between the panes. Placing the blind inside the window structure has many advantages. It is a minimalist solution, as the elements of the blind do not protrude beyond the contour of the window, and on sunny days, they reflect the rays more effectively, preventing overheating of the interior. A major advantage is that there is no need to clean the blinds – dirt simply does not reach the interior of the window. Internorm composite windows are equipped with I-tec shading and a special photovoltaic module, so that the blinds can be operated without a power supply to the window. Clever!

Horizontal windows in the kitchen

A well-designed kitchen not only looks beautiful, but is also a place that can cope with all kinds of culinary experiments. In modern construction, horizontal windows, which are placed in the kitchen above the worktop, are becoming increasingly common. Their presence helps to illuminate the workstation and reduce the need for artificial light. If the kitchen is connected to the dining room, an additional source of natural light will give the whole space a coherent character.

Wood naturally

Another trend in interior design is the choice of wood-framed windows. Years ago, they were the only choice. It wasn’t until the 20th century that aluminium and plastic frames began to appear. Today, modern technology allows wood and aluminium to be combined to benefit from the advantages of both materials at the same time.

The great value of wooden frames is their appearance alone. Such windows create a cosy atmosphere in the interior. At the same time, covering the frame on the outside with a layer of aluminium makes the frame weatherproof. The aluminium layer can be anthracite-coloured, making the architecture of the house itself modern, while the interior remains warm and pleasant.

source: Internorm

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