With a wooden façade. Single-family house in Krakow

The house is located in a green corner of Krakow. Its design was created by the TXMA studio. The building is distinguished by its wooden façade, which will change its colour over time.

The building was constructed in the Krowodrza district. Architect Tomasz Mielczyński designed a modern body, which gently alludes to traditional architecture. The latter was achieved through the use of wooden façade elements sourced locally. Although the plot on which the house was built neighbours other houses, the presence of a horse stud gives the building a unique, idyllic aura.

When designing the house, the architect had to work with a very narrow plot of land. The shape of the building was also influenced by the provisions of the local plan, which define not only the acceptable dimensions of the building, but also the direction of the ridge, the angles and proportions of the roof. In order to make the building comply with these provisions, the designer proposed the use of a hipped roof. Another challenge were the expectations of the investors, who wanted to have two parking spaces and a garden.

The investors are a married couple, but additional rooms were created inside that will be used by other family members who drop by for a visit. To ensure optimum space, three bedrooms, two dressing rooms and a bathroom were built in the attic. The living area on the ground floor, on the other hand, consists of a kitchen, dining room and living room. In addition, a studio, a recreation and wellness room and a technical room complete the space. In total, the house is 180 square metres in size.

Tomasz Mielczynski admits that he is pleased with the resulting contrast between the traditional wood shingle roofing and façade and the modern slatted Rhombus cladding. The architect succeeded in integrating the ventilation, heating and rainwater drainage technology elements into the architecture. These elements are invisible, hidden in the roof.

Where did the idea to use shingles come from? The architect decided to use it during a visit to the nearby Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec. His love of the Scandinavian approach to design, where the textures and colours of natural elements are important, also played a part in the inspiration.

design: TXMA – Tomasz aleXander Mielczyński Architekt(www.txma.pl)

design team: arch. Tomasz Mielczyński – Chief Designer, arch. Aleksandra Szyszka

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