With corsets on the floor. Flat in Jeżyce in Poznań

It is the small details that build the atmosphere of the entire space. The flat with corsets on the floor is located in Poznań’s Jeżyce district. The interior was designed by Katarzyna Bruch-Mens of BRUCH studio.

The designed interior was to be fresh and with classic solutions. The interior was created for three people. It is spacious and has a terrace, the presence of which the owners appreciate especially on warm days. Exposure to the south-east ensures that the sun’s rays reach all rooms.

The most important colour in the interior was green. It was crucial to choose the right shade to match the white and the warm wood tones. The classic herringbone and brown and beige corsages provide the base for the interior. The designer proposed the creation of a green and cream kitchen with black accents. Its aesthetic breakthrough is the glass showcase, which forms the heart of the flat.

In the interior, we see the great return of the built-in bench! Once an integral place, temporarily forgotten, it is now re-entering the interiors. Abench with an upholstered backrest and additional storage drawers underneath, combined with a wooden table and Fameg chairs in black wool upholstery, describes the designer.

The interior is enlivened by the reddish shade of the bench upholstery and the display and rtv cabinets in the living room area. The whole is complemented by plants.

The master bedroom has been designed as a place to guarantee relaxation and regeneration. It is an oasis of calm. The wall behind the bed is made of wooden divider strips filled with hotel wallpaper. A desk with a drawer was placed by the window. Next to the bed are a large wooden wardrobe with a black base and black handles. The motif of wooden fronts and a black plinth appears in the built-in wardrobe in the hallway and the under-basin cabinet in the bathroom.

The bathroom space had to meet all the functional expectations of the owners. Abathtub integrated with a shower and shower wall was a prerequisite,” adds the designer.

The focal point of the space is the curved long under-basin cabinet. Additional storage space is provided by the cupboard above the toilet bowl rack. The white-green glazed tiles blend in with the wooden surround of the bathroom furniture.


About the studio:

BRUCH studio is an in-house interior architecture studio working in the field of private and public interior design, founded in 2016 by architect Katarzyna Bruch-Menz, Eng. BRUCH studio specialises in interior design projects for private and commercial clients.

design: BRUCH studio, Katarzyna Bruch-Menz

photos: Resource studio

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