WOOSABI restaurant in Krakow. The interior is drowning in greenery

Its design was prepared by architects from the CUDO studio:. The WOOSABI restaurant is located at 19 Św. Wawrzyńca Street in Kraków. It is a space of over 200 square metres, whose speciality is Asian cuisine.

The architects designed in an unusual location. The industrial character, very high ceiling and antique yellow crane create a unique aura. The restaurant is located in a building next to a former tram depot. The architects decided to highlight the history of the place and to make the austere interior the attraction of the whole concept.

When designing the space, the CUDO: team reached for natural materials. The interior features wood, stone and brass. This eye-pleasing juxtaposition is immersed in greenery. The wallpaper in banana leaves, whose presence alludes to the Asian jungle, attracts attention.

The heart of the premises, however, is the bar. It is an area measuring seven metres wide and almost five metres high. In its central part, there is an impressive mandala, almost 2 metres in diameter. This is where the bartenders prepare the drinks and their work can be observed from the ground floor and the mezzanine level. The bar counter has slightly rounded sides and in front of it, hockers with green seats and backrestshave been placed.

The mezzanine was able to be created thanks to the great height of the interior, which is as high as 14 m. The architects wanted to create a space there that would give a greater sense of intimacy, would work well as a date spot. They succeeded.

The ground floor is just as pleasant. Upholstered lounges have been provided for guests to sit comfortably for hours. All with a view of the aforementioned historic crane. This is complemented by atmospheric lighting with bionic lamps and plant pots.

design: CUDO:

photos: Almond Studio

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