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Wrocław: metamorphosis of Nowy Targ Square. It’s now a green place!

We wrote about plans to redevelop the site two years ago. Plac Nowy Targ in Wrocław was until recently perceived as a heated “frying pan”. The airtight buildings accumulated high temperatures, which caused great discomfort in the summer. The square was rebuilt, some of the slabs were removed and replaced by greenery.

Its reconstruction took place relatively recently, in 2013, but the hot summer days showed that the site lacked greenery. The city therefore decided to change the original concept and the square was rebuilt with more planting and the creation of green quarters.

The completion of the first stage of the redevelopment was announced by the Wrocław City Greenery Management Board. So far, most of the work has been done on the area close to the City Hall building. Acceptance of the rest of the works will take place at the beginning of July. What has changed?

Reconstruction of the square began at the turn of September and October 2023. To date, the ‘concrete’ site has received more than 60,000 plants. These include 172 trees, 193 ferns, 13,000 grasses, 23,000 bulbous plants, 27,000 perennials and climbers.

This is what the square looked like BEFORE the redevelopment:

photo by Daviidos,, licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

The works also included the installation of new infrastructure. The square gained new lighting, an automatic irrigation system and elements of small architecture – baskets and benches. The works were demanding because there is an underground car park under part of the square.

The Nowy Targ Square in Wrocław was put into use after being rebuilt in 2013 to turn it into the ‘living room of the city’. Its design was carried out by the Roman Rutkowski Architekci studio. The redeveloped square is a finalist in the architectural competition “Life in Architecture”, which has been organised by the editors of the Architektura-murator monthly since 1995.

photos: Oleksandr Poliakovsky


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The square BEFORE the changes:

photo TeraGood,, license: CC BY 3.0

The square AFTER the changes:

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