Wyspianski on the wall of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow. A total of 2 murals were created!

Wyspianski on the wall of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Cracow is not only a beautiful graphic, but also a reminder of the history and tradition of the university. Stanisław Wyspiański, in fact, is the university’s patron saint. Importantly, in addition to the mural featuring Wyspiański’s likeness, a second mural has also been created – one that refers to the vision of the theatre of the eminent Krakow playwright.

Work has just been completed on a mural on the wall of the AST in Krakow with an image of Stanisław Wyspiański as artistically interpreted by Professor Dariusz Vasina of the Academy of Fine Arts.

“It is reminiscent of heroes from antiquity and at the same time fits in with the classicist character of the building and its neighbourhood. The mural is a tribute to the outstanding painter, playwright and stage designer and, at the same time, a great stagecraftsman and theatre visionary,” Tomasz Kobylanski, who also works with whiteMAD and is a representative of the Murals Team working with the Mayor of the City of Krakow, describes in Well.pl.

On the other of the AST’s walls, in turn, a mural was painted as a metaphor for theatre according to Wyspiański’s vision. That is, a theatre which listens to the present and enters into dialogue with it.

“Modern and at the same time rich in symbols. It shows art for which only the imagination sets the limit – provoking admiration and discussion, colourful, arousing emotions and acting on the senses” – recalls Tomasz Kobylanski in his text.

The murals were created in close collaboration with the Krakow Murals Team. Their execution was sponsored by Krakowski Holding Komunalny and the company Medicine. The contractors for both projects are Krzysztof Czarnecki, Dawid Skowronek and Łukasz Stec from Częstochowa.

What do you think of them?

Photos: Anna Kaczmarz / AST materials in Krakow / https://www.ast.krakow.pl/

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