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You have chosen the most beautiful house in Poland. It’s a house hidden on a slope!

The plebiscite in which you could choose the most beautiful house in Poland has ended. The winner in the Internet voting was the “House hidden on a slope” designed by the 77STUDIO architecture studio. The building won an overwhelming majority of votes.

In the ranking, we collected 10 buildings that we described in 2023. These are the articles that enjoyed the greatest popularity among whiteMAD readers. The winning building won 566 votes, which translates into as much as 61 per cent of all votes cast! You can see the TOP 10 most beautiful houses in Poland by clicking HERE.


The most beautiful house in Poland was designed by architects from the Warsaw-based 77STUDIO architecture studio. It is a modern, glazed block, which was set on a slope near a river. The house is located in central Poland. Its inhabitants can enjoy attractive views of the greenery.

The biggest design challenge was to get closer to the Vistula, and the problem was the high height in relation to the river, says architect Paweł Naduk.

The architect decided to subtly integrate the body of the building into the natural shape of the slope. The plot of land descending the slope towards the river revealed a different perspective every few metres – from the panorama stretching over the hill, to lower, increasingly sheltered and intimate places. The individual levels of the house seem to penetrate the structure of the slope, becoming almost invisible from the opposite side of the quay. In this way, the architects have ensured the residents’ sense of privacy.

The architects designed the house as a simple block with a functional layout laid out horizontally. The edgeless swimming pool, which is directly adjacent to the living room and bedrooms, is impressive. In addition, the terrace, which extends towards the river and is surrounded by the water of the pool, has been suspended in space like a wooden deck.

The building was created on a C-plan. This made it possible to create a sheltered, quiet area for outdoor relaxation. Here, too, care was taken to ensure uninterrupted visual contact with the river. The walls have been glazed in a spatial manner, creating the impression of a light pavilion made of glass. The side walls are finished with graphite panels, providing a backdrop to the lush greenery.

The house has a very clear division of functions. Most of the utility rooms are situated on the middle level with the best landscape exposure. These include the living room with dining area, the kitchen, the study and the master bedroom with an open bathroom accommodating a free-standing bath.

design: 77STUDIO architecture

photo: Piotr Krajewski

II PLACE ex aequo

The next two places on the podium of the plebiscite for the most beautiful house in Poland are occupied by buildings that received the same number of votes. The first is the U-directed House, which was built on a green plot near Warsaw. Its design was prepared by architects from the Z3Z ARCHITEKCI studio. The building has an area of 280 square metres, and brings the householders into contact with the pristine nature of the Kampinos Forest.

The building consists of two interpenetrating volumes. The dark body of the ground floor and the light body of the first floor. The interior of the ground floor itself rises above one storey. The reason for extending it was not to raise the walls, but to raise the roof and let light into the interior, creating a bright, high space. The night zone is enclosed in the lighter volume of the first floor, which ideally follows the pattern of the ground floor. The rooms that face east and south have standard-sized windows. On the wilderness side, on the other hand, a wall of glass has been designed to reach the ceiling of the pitched roof.

design: Z3Z Architekci

photos: Marcin Mularczyk

II PLACE ex aequo

WhiteMAD readers were equally impressed with the Dom na Styku in Czeladź, which was built to a design by the TTAT studio – Magdalena Tokarska, Piotr Tokarski. The architects wanted to create a house as open to nature as possible. Its shape does not dominate and harmoniously interacts with the green surroundings. The Styku House is a single-storey building with a driveway formed on the side of the access road, together with an entrance area open to the road. The rest of the plot is separated from the road by a wall of varying heights, which descends towards the park. This treatment provides privacy from the development and views from the park. All rooms open up as much as possible to the garden and the greenery.

design: TTAT

photos: Tomasz Zakrzewski

Which houses took the next places? You can read the results of the poll by clicking HERE.

source: whiteMAD compilation

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