Young Fabryczna in Łódź. The building will be built next to the Łódź Fabryczna station

Młoda Fabryczna is a residential and commercial building to be constructed at Składowa Street in Łódź. Its design was prepared by architects from the Design Lab Group studio.

The building will be constructed in the vicinity of the Łódź Fabryczna station, on an empty corner plot where Al. Rodziny Scheiblerów, al. Poznański and ul. Składowa. There will be a total of 243 flats with a total area of 9,807 square metres. Additionally, spaces for retail and services will be created in the ground floor. The area of the latter will amount to 536 sq m.

The architects of the Design Lab Group have designed the building to fit harmoniously into its surroundings. On the one hand, it is adjacent to the modern body of the station, and on the other to Składowa Street, where many of the town’s 19th and 20th century townhouses are still standing. From the south and east, the plot opens up onto the space in front of the station building and the multi-lane Scheibler Avenue. On the other hand, the western boundary of the plot is marked by the Nowa Fabryczna office complex.

Developing a building that would fit well into such a diverse context was quite a design challenge. The result of our work is a cascading body of the building, with varying heights, rising stepwise in the south and north-east directions. The corners accentuated in this way have been further strengthened by the withdrawal of the ground floor and the creation of a quality public space with space for greenery and catering gardens,” describe the architects from the Design Lab Group.

The stepped layout of the upper storeys made it possible to create sizable terraces. Young Fabryczna is to be characterised by high-quality common spaces. The architects have also designed a green patio with a greenhouse and garden. Residents will be able to grow herbs and vegetables here.

Design: Design Lab Group
Design team composition: Maciej Taczalski, Karolina Taczalska, Mateusz Cyganek, Marta Golec, Mateusz Przybylski, Aleksandra Banaś
Investor: Hereditas Sp. z o.o.
Project Manager and Investment Advisor: OPG Property Professionals
Visualisations: F F A R

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