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High fashion – a touch of luxury in your wardrobe!

Do you like unusual combinations, bold cuts and styles and high quality clothing? Do you want to stand out from the crowd in style? Perhaps high fashion is just for you!

What is high fashion?

If you are interested in fashion and the latest trends, you have probably heard the name before. If you are new to the world of fashion, you should know that high fashion means exclusive clothes straight from the catwalks or from the hands of a designer . Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

When choosing high fashion items, you can certainly count on unusual combinations of cuts, materials and colours, as well as high quality workmanship and fabrics. There is no denying that some of the clothes reflect the artistic visions of the designer, which means that the clothes under his or her needles can be quite avant-garde, and it may or may not take courage to wear them.

Until recently, high fashion was restricted to a small audience, with celebrities and high-profile personalities at the forefront. Today, the audience for this style is expanding.

High fashion – which brands can be called this?

Everyone probably thinks of the famous fashion houses whose clothes can often be admired at various high fashion festivals or in the pictures of popular influencers. There is no denying that high fashion sets fashion trends that are later echoed throughout the fashion world, and the brands’ distinctive logos become indicators of high-end clothing.

What brands are worth considering when looking for ‘high fashion’ clothing? For this, it is worth taking a look at the PRM shop’s range available here: The shop offers items from many interesting high fashion brands, such as Kenzo, Fiorucci, Neighborhood, Sporty&Rich, Common Projects or A Bathing Ape. Such a variety in one place will surely allow everyone to find a fashion gem that will completely steal their heart and bring a breath of freshness and luxury to their wardrobe.

Or perhaps you want to feast your eye on the look of the clothes in person before buying and see how they will fit you? No problem, because PRM is opening its first concept store in the Norblin Factory in Warsaw’s Wola district at the end of April this year. It’s a great opportunity to see for yourself the splendour of high fashion clothing and choose something especially for you.

High fashion – for whom?

In fact… for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. If you’re tired of looking like every other person on the street, take a look at PRM’s range and see that fashion really does have a lot more amazing solutions to offer.

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration and interesting ways to mix high fashion clothing, take a look at PRM’s revamped Instagram. There, you’ll find content that is sure to satisfy your aesthetic needs and perhaps aid in your decision-making when shopping.

Give yourself the chance to indulge in a little luxury and see how exclusive high fashion clothing can transform your look.

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