It has 50 sq m. A colourful flat in Krakow

This is a bold interior, where you will not find standard solutions. The colourful flat is located in Kraków. Its design was created at the Furora Studio

“Long live pastels!” – this is the slogan that comes to mind when looking at a colourful flat in Krakow. Pastels run down the walls here, accompanied by soft lines cut into waves. The interior design is the work of Diana Żurek and Gutek Girk, owners of the Furora Studio

The Pops project is a flat for a while, for all those who want to spend time in an attractive and very icy interior,’ explain the authors of the project

It is an interior that was created with short-term rentals in mind. The new layout provides an additional separate guest bedroom, which doubles as a living room area during the day. However, what sets the realisation apart is the interweaving of light colours, combined with rounded shapes and a wave motif

The architects have succeeded in creating a soft interior. You can relax here, surrounded by dense fabrics and eye-catching shapes. Greens alternate with pinks and blues, against a background of broken white, complemented by stronger accents and textures

In the interior, we find a variety of structures, forms, which mutually create a harmonious whole. Most of the furniture has been designed specifically for this space, making it coherent, but also providing functional solutions, the authors of the project add

The architects decided to fiddle with the space a bit, adding both modern forms and a slightly subtle retro vibe, all with a geometric twist. It is a comfortable and colourful space, with a wink, taking visitors to a slightly different world, not infantile, but full of dreams and small sighs. This is what the flat in Krakow is like

Project: Pops
Author: Diana Żurek, Gutek Girek, Furora Studio
Photography: Oni Stories
Area: 50 sq.m
Location: Kraków

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