An eclectic house in Elbląg filled with design. It is a project by Mellow Studio

Its area is 160 sq m. The house in Elbląg received a decor that was created by Mellow Studio. It is an eclectic space that boldly brings together seemingly disparate aesthetic motifs.

When asked about the style in which she has decorated the interior, the designer answers that it is ‘tamed eclecticism’. This translated into a thoughtful and planned combination of classical elements, harmonious minimalism, modest japanese, vintage elements and a fresh breath of Mediterranean design. This is exactly the kind of space that a married couple who are consciously entering mature life wanted to live in

The couple wanted a home where they would be close to nature and find tranquillity, but at the same time feel luxurious and comfortable, like in a hotel. This is helped by the greenery, which the designer visually infused into the interior. The house is situated beneath a forest, in a quiet location, with plenty of wood, stone and lush greenery all around. The building itself was constructed in timber construction
In total, the house has seven rooms: on the ground floor, a living room was created with a kitchen and a guest bathroom. On the first floor, three bedrooms, a bath room and a laundry room were created. A pleasant aura was also built up with a thoughtful colour scheme. The warm, cosy sandy beige was reinforced with the honey brown of the wood. This is complemented by gold accents and fresh blue

Bright interiors allow you to relax and interact beautifully with sunlight, and in this house there is plenty of it on all sides thanks to the large and tall windows, says the founder of Mellow Studio

The interior is warmed by cosy wood complemented by subdued stone – these natural raw materials can be found in the form of the decking, the wooden staircase or the large table made of century-old wood

In the kitchen area, the Cosentino sinter used for the kitchen island attracts attention. The Cosentino sinter can also be seen in the bathroom and the façade of the building. The kitchen and dining area are the heart of the house, and this is where the family meets to spend time together. In the living room, on the other hand, the sofa, which the designer imported from Germany, plays a central role

About the studio

The Mellow Studio design studio has been designing interiors for years to make dreams come true. Mellow studio is created by Aleksandra, supported by many experts during the realisation of the projects. “I create interiors that are harmonious, consistent and based on natural materials. In creating unique interiors, I focus primarily on the quality of the chosen materials and furnishings, which are not only supposed to look beautiful, but above all serve well in everyday, comfortable use,” says the founder of the studio – says the studio’s founder. She starts her work by getting to know the client thoroughly, getting to know their needs and building a relationship. This ensures that the design is individual, tailor-made

photo: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek

design: Mellow Studio

photography: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek(

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