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There are all sorts of things to do in your free time, especially when the weather is nice. Being active is a way to get away from everyday life and improve your mood. You can combine the pleasant with the useful and take an audio book with you on a walk or jog. This is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge in a variety of areas, plus you can listen to many books for free. What is worth downloading and listening to?

What to do when boredom strikes?

Although many people have little time for boredom during the week, there are times when you don’t want to do anything and at such a moment, you usually reach for your smartphone or sit down in front of the TV. Instead, you can listen for free to the bestsellers or readings you didn’t feel like doing at school. The Audioteka service offers many interesting titles that will appeal to young and old alike. If you feel like being active, put on your headphones, switch on your audiobook and go for a long walk or jog. You can take your audio books with you anywhere, and with online access to new titles, you have the option of downloading and listening from anywhere at any time.

What audiobooks can you find, download and listen to for free?

The selection of free audiobooks is quite large, and among them are reads that are increasingly being read by the older generation. You can find a variety of literary genres, including fantasy, fiction classics, horror, crime fiction or romance. By downloading audiobooks from Audioteka, you are using a legal source and the library is impressive. If you want to forget your problems, then reach for moral literature. Fantasy books that transport the listener into a magical world are a popular choice. If you don’t know whether a particular title will appeal to you, then listen to a free excerpt and see if you want to explore the subject matter. Free audiobooks in Polish full versions, which can be found on Audioteka’s website, are a great opportunity to spend an interesting time and also experience a cool adventure.

Free audiobooks in Polish full versions which can be found on Audioteka website – books from various literary genres

Thanks to the benefit of the Internet, literature lovers can listen to books for free. Whole audiobooks are available on the website All you have to do is go in, browse the range and choose an author or title that will excite you. For young people, science-fiction collections are recommended, while ladies will enjoy listening to books in the genre of moral literature. Men prefer adrenaline, so detective stories and thrillers will be an excellent choice. For more fun, go for audiobooks that have been filmed. Be sure to listen first, though, and only then watch the film. It’s a cool way to gauge your own imagination and a chance to look at one book from different angles.

Audioteka – a collection of books that listen with bated breath

In a hectic world, more and more people crave peace and quiet, but also positive emotions that allow them to break away from the usual monotony. Listening to audiobooks puts your imagination to work, allowing you to forget about everything and everyone for a while. Immersing yourself in the world of audiobooks, listening to the pleasant voice of the reader and becoming friends with the characters can be great fun and cool entertainment for the whole family. Why not sit comfortably on the sofa in the living room and listen to some of the most widely read authors together? In this way, you can show your children that there are other forms of entertainment than the smartphone or games. By accessing a wide range of audiobooks for free, you can expand the collection of books you’ve read and thus increase your knowledge on a variety of subjects.

Listening to audiobooks – is it for everyone?

Listening to audiobooks is radically different from reading a book, although of course the content is the same. There are some people who cannot concentrate on absorbing the content in this way and for them audiobooks are not a good option. However, if you haven’t tried it, download and listen, but choose a book that interests you. Also listen to the voiceover and see if it will suit you. It may be that a female voice suits you better than a male voice and vice versa. Also, don’t be discouraged if you are not completely satisfied after the first book you listen to. Maybe you have chosen the wrong literary genre or simply didn’t like the plot. Listening to audiobooks is a fun way to discover and meet new characters and spend your free time. In addition, many audio books are available free of charge, so you lose nothing and can only gain.

Free audiobooks in Polish full versions, which can be found on the Audioteka website, are an option for all people who want to develop their imagination and creativity. It also supports the work of the brain and enriches vocabulary, which is particularly important for the younger generation. Listen to audiobooks to relax and increase your knowledge and, more importantly, improve your well-being.

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