Swimwear for the holidays. How do you choose the right model?

Summer is approaching, and with it the longed-for holidays. Swimwear is then an essential wardrobe item. If chosen properly, they will last for many seasons. The desired swimwear does not have to cost a fortune. The Kupilo.pl website has made available codes thanks to which you can save even several dozen percent.

Their design has changed a lot over the decades. From body-covering long-sleeved shirts and pantaloons to bikinis. One-piece swimsuits that cover the body are gaining in popularity, while more fabric and a variety of patterns allow you to play with fashion.

Which swimsuit should you choose to look your best? A one-piece or is it better to pack a two-piece in your suitcase? The plethora of designs, cuts and colours creates a multitude of options. Or is it better to go for the classics – black or white? You will make the right choice of swimsuit in the Kontri.pl shop with discount codes.

Long live colour!

Among the available models there are outfits with exotic motifs and floral ornaments. This is a proposal for women who appreciate expressive styling. These outfits can be paired with colourful headwear or a striking bedspread. Other models combine solid colours with abstract motifs. This look is ideal for a beach party. There are also two-piece swimsuits with geometric patterns – something for the individualist.

Many beachgoers love one-piece swimwear. No wonder! Such swimsuits cover up more of the body and provide a feeling of comfort. Depending on your figure, you can choose ones with a deep cut-out to reveal your cleavage. Want to expose more of your back? Opt for a tie-neck model. If you want to show off your waist, choose a model with indentations on both sides.

Timeless classics

Solid-coloured swimsuits are always a good choice. With the right jewellery, it is easy to achieve an elegant effect. This applies to both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. Clear cut-outs and necklines emphasise the silhouette, and a classic pattern will allow you to look good on the beach regardless of your age. The solid colour also gives you more styling options. When you leave the beach, simply throw on a shirt and you can go for a walk in the nearby town. Solid-coloured swimwear is a good option for those who are undecided. Both white and black never go out of fashion and will look good even in a few seasons.

A large number of people put off buying their swimwear until the last minute, just before they leave. Instead of waiting, it is worth choosing the right swimsuit now. We have included links to discount voucher sites below.

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