Nature is the best model. We invite you to the event “Photo and Nature with Leo x Domoteka”

Earth Day, is an annual event celebrated to promote environmental protection, broaden environmental awareness and inspire people to live in harmony with nature. To mark the occasion, the LEO brand, which creates spatial images from photographs, organised a meeting that provided a platform for reflection on contemporary issues related to ecology. The “Photo and Nature with Leo x Domoteka” event was not only a pretext to admire the art of photography and the beauty of nature, but above all to draw attention to the urgent need to protect the environment. Through presentations by special guests and interactive discussions, participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into topics of ecology and find inspiration to take action for the benefit of our planet.

The space of the Domoteka Design Centre hosted a unique exhibition of paintings by LEO, combined with a panel discussion and inspiring speeches by special guests. The PHOTO part of the evening was opened by Tomasz Gładys, co-operating with National Geographic, Animal Planet and the BBC, who shared his passion for photography and talked about his work as a cameraman and also the constructor of camera platforms allowing for the realisation of unusual shots.

This was followed by a representative from the Code For Green Foundation. Dr Justyna Józefowicz, a clinical psychologist and mediator, made the guests aware of the current problems in our society and the need to take care of the dwindling resources of the earth.

After the substantive part of the meeting, the guests admired an exhibition of paintings by artists whose passion for travel translates into extraordinary works of art. That evening, Marek Biegalski, Tomasz Gładys, Marcin Giba and Kévin Pagès delighted the guests with their photographs, showing the beauty of nature in the most picturesque places on the planet. Thanks to the DeePrint spatial printing technology, the works could be felt with all the senses, delighting in their originality and depth.

The evening took place at the Domoteka Design Centre, a place on the map of Warsaw known to all art and design lovers. “The Domoteka Design Centre is a placewhere design is inextricably intertwined with other fields of art, such as painting or photography. We are delighted when, in the Domoteka space, we can present a combination of these different forms of artistic creativity, as they all havea common denominator – beauty. We firmly believe that experiencing it is one of the natural human needs. We are all the more pleased when such phenomenal works contain the valuable message of caring for the environment,” – says Agata Brzezińska, Head of CEE from Pradera, the owner of Domoteka.

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