Kolekcja ręcznie tkanych pledów Blur, projekt: REST studio (Dominika Gacka i Julia Piekarska), produkcja REST Studio, fot. Karolina Sałajczyk

The must have 2024 plebiscite: the best Polish design has been awarded

The must have awards have been granted since 2011. They go to Polish companies, designers and manufacturers to support Polish design. The must have quality label is also a consumer recommendation. Among the 81 honoured are not only objects, but also audio devices, applications or books.

The must have plebiscite has been organised at the Łódź Design Festival since 2011. It was created to identify the best implementations from Polish designers and manufacturers. It is a free-of-charge quality label that companies can use at home and abroad. Its task is to promote Polish design and the domestic creative sector. must have is also a unique consumer recommendation and the most media-savvy event in Polish design.

What trends dominate domestic design?

In the 14-year history of the plebiscite, nearly 1,000 products have already been awarded, and among them there is a clear dominance of products from the furniture category – 31.6 per cent and furnishings (lighting, accessories) – 27.6 per cent, followed by children – 8.8 per cent, fashion (clothing, jewellery, accessories) – 8.7 per cent and hobbies, entertainment, education – 8.4 per cent. The least represented products are: construction and accessories – 4.9%, health and beauty – 4.2%, electronics – 2%, garden – 1.9% or sport and recreation – 1.8%. You can find the catalogue with the distinguished objects from 2011 to 2024 HERE.

It is difficult to single out one dominant trend in Polish design – on the one hand, especially recently, there has been a strong return to craftsmanship, natural materials and local techniques; on the other, Poles are increasingly willing to use the latest technologies and successfully experiment with modern materials. One thing is certain – the quality of our products does not differ from the world’s best models, which will be strongly experienced during the must have 2024 exhibition, held as part of the programme of the 18th Łódź Design Festival (21-26 May). The entire programme for the event is available HERE.

List of 81 products awarded the must have 2024 quality label

on 7 May, the results of the must have 2024 plebiscite became known – the best Polish products were voted for by the Council of Experts composed of: Kamil Białas (editor-in-chief of WhiteMAD), Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc (editor-in-chief of AD Polska), Anna Grużewska (editor-in-chief of Czas na Wnętrze), Jola Skóra and Anna Olga Chmielewska (arch. studio Jam Kolektyw), Katarzyna Księżopolska (editor-in-chief of MAGAZIF.com), Maria Ostrowska (animator of the Polish creative sector), Monika Pągowska and Tomasz Pągowski (creative duo in Pągowski Studio), Michał Piernikowski (director of the Łódź Design Festival), Hanna Rydlewska (editor-in-chief of Vogue Polska, editor-in-chief of Chilli ZET), Anna Żmijewska (editor-in-chief of Architektura-murator).

The following products were selected (in alphabetical order) from more than 400 entries for must have 2024:

  1. Arc, design: Studio WITAMINA D (Gosia Knobloch, Igor Wiktorowicz), production: Motiv Home / motivhome.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/arc
  2. Artist Mirror, designed by Patrycja Bruź-Soniewicka, Bartłomiej Klepiński, Katarzyna Erkiert, produced by HOGAI Sp. z o.o. / hogai.store/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/artist-mirror
  3. bench.stone, design: ater. (Żaklina Nowodworska, Przemysław Sadecki), production: ater. / www.ater.studio/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/ater-bench-stone
  4. Aztec, designed by Grynasz Studio (Marta Niemywska-Grynasz, Dawid Grynasz), produced by Bizzarto / bizzarto.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/aztec
  5. Bofii, designed by Grynasz Studio (Marta Niemywska-Grynasz, Dawid Grynasz), produced by Bizzarto / bizzarto.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/bofii
  6. BraillePen 24, designed by Harpo, Joanna Leciejewska, Agnieszka Mazurek, Metaphor, production: Harpo / harpo.com.pl
  7. BRENE, design: Studio KABO & PYDO (Katarzyna Kabo, Tomasz Pydo, Jacek Nosiła), production: Prosperplast 1 Sp. z o. o. / brand: FERNE / ferne.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/brene
  8. Chat, designed by Studio Pawlak & Stawarski (Bartłomiej Pawlak & Łukasz Stawarski), production: Motiv Home / motivhome.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/chat
  9. DUMBO,designed by Izabela Brola-Cieśluk, produced by Motiv Home / motivhome.com / www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/dumbo
  10. Far From Form – modular tables, design: Brola & Bukowska (Izabela Brola-Cieśluk, Katarzyna Bukowska-Wcisło), production: Far From Form / farfromform.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/far-from-form
  11. Flos, design: Tomasz Augustyniak, production: Bejot Sp. z o.o. / bejot.eu/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/flos
  12. MOO armchair, design: Alicja Korbut ft. Tartaruga, production: SALAK / salak.com.pl
  13. Ubi armchair, design: noo.ma in-house design team (Anna Pietkun, Zuza Muszalska, Damian Goliński), production: noo.ma / noo.ma/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/fotel-ubi
  14. FRESCO, design: Hanczar Studio (Szymon Hanczar, Przemysław Słowik), production: Poom Furniture / poom-furniture.com/en/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/fresco
  15. Glandes – plant watering can, design: Karolina Kulis, production: Bloom Ceramic / bloomceramic.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/glandes-nawadniacz-do-roslin
  16. HEY LONG, designed by Studio Pawlak & Stawarski (Bartłomiej Pawlak & Łukasz Stawarski), manufactured by Fameg Sp. z o.o. / fameg.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/hey-long
  17. Hybrid lower limb orthoses printed in MJF 3D technology, design: Agnieszka Barańska, Daniel Czyszczoń, Mateusz Kruk, Aleksandra Kwaśniewska, Marcin Rusek, Małgorzata Serafin, production: Ortheo3D / ortheo3d.com /www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/hybrydowe-ortezy-konczyny-dolnej
  18. isa, designed by Nikodem Szpunar, produced by Motiv Home / motivhome.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/isa
  19. Juicy, designed by Serge Cornelissen, Maja Ganszyniec Studio, produced by ILUM / ilum.lighting
  20. Kamerton, designed by Maja Ganszyniec Studio, produced by ILUM / ilum.lighting/en
  21. KIMONA by Jo.S., designed by Joanna Saniewska, produced by Joanna Saniewska / jos.com.pl
  22. KIS List, designed by Magdalena Knappe and Robert Czapski, produced by KIS List Magdalena Knappe / kislist.com/en/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kis-list
  23. Kitchen helper modifiable into a table and stool, design: Tenka studio (Agata Gancarczyk, Natalia Kacprzyk, Łukasz Szczęsny, Jakub August), production: Spec-wood, brand: Lubi Lubi / Lubi Lubi lubilubi.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kitchen-helper
  24. AJRAKH SĀR collection, design: Julia Piekiełko, production: SĀR / sarstore.pl
  25. Julia jewellery collection, design: Anna Orska, production: ORSKA (jewellery), Julia Crystal Glassworks (crystal elements) / orska.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-bizuterii-julia/
  26. Monumental jewellery collection, designed by Anna Orska, produced by ORSKA (jewellery), Ceramika Paradyż (ceramic elements) / orska.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-bizuterii-monumental
  27. FW 2023 shoe collection, designed by Zosia Chylak, produced by CHYLAK / chylak.com
  28. Throne chair collection, designed by Michał Biernacki, manufactured by Ikershop / ikershop.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-krzesel-throne
  29. Mind Games yoga mat collection, designed by Jagoda Schäpper, manufactured by JOYINME / joyinme.co
  30. BOLD modular furniture collection, designed by Studio Pawlak & Stawarski (Bartłomiej Pawlak & Łukasz Stawarski), manufactured by Motiv Home / motivhome.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-mebli-modulowych-bold
  31. Acollection of hand-woven Blur rugs,designed by REST studio (Dominika Gacka and Julia Piekarska), produced by REST studio / reststudio.pl / www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-recznie-tkanych-pledow-blur
  32. Retro collection, design: 360 Projekt, production: njufront. / njufront.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-retro
  33. ROG Collection, designed by Studio Szpunar (Nikodem and Kamila Szpunar), production: Nomet / nomet.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-rog
  34. SIMON collection – sofa with a top mattress and pouffe, design: Agnieszka Możdżer, Dawid Kalemba, production: B line Sp. z o.o. sp. k, brand: miuform.com / miuform.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-simon
  35. Seg Collection, designed by Nikodem Szpunar, manufactured by Motiv Home / motivhome.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/kolekcja-seg
  36. U-Shape collection (BIG BRO/LIL/BOARDER), designed by TABANDA, produced by TABANDA / tabanda.co.uk
  37. Dreamers, design: HAWROT x Bownik x Tomek Wichrowski, production: HAWROT / hawrot.com
  38. Column I Square Drop, Column II Square Drop, design: Agnieszka Śniadewicz-Świca, Square Drop, production: Square Drop Spółka z o.o. / squaredrop.pl
  39. Ich Mio chair (from the Alter Ego collection), designed by Nikodem Szpunar, manufacture: Paged / alterego.paged.pl
  40. Book “Futerał. O urządzaniu mieszkań w PRL-u”, designed by Agata Szydłowska (author of the book), Marian Misiak [Threedotstype, rh.plus] (cover design), Robert Oleś (typographic design), produced by Wydawnictwo Czarne / czarne.com.pl
  41. Book “teraz polski dizajn”, design: Aleksandra Koperda (author), production: Znak Koncept (Znak Publishing House) / znak.com.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/ksiazka-teraz-polski-dizajn
  42. o.d, designed by the design team of the mode:lina studio: Paweł Garus (designer & co-founder), Jerzy Woźniak (designer & co-founder), Kinga Kin (designer), production: Motiv Home / www.motivhome.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/m-o-d
  43. Match, designed by Grynasz Studio (Marta Niemywska-Grynasz, Dawid Grynasz), production: Baza / bazabaza.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/match
  44. Ogi, designed by Maja Ganszyniec Studio, produced by ILUM / ilum.lighting/en/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/ogi
  45. Simple wall-mounted canopy, designed by Ciarko (Mikołaj Nicer), produced by Ciarko Design / ciarkodesign.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/okap-przyscienny-simple
  46. OMNIRES SWITCH | Kitchen mixer with filter set, designed by Studio OMNIRES (Paulina Shacalis), manufactured by OMNIRES / omnires.com/en/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/omnires-switch
  47. Op-art collection of blankets and throws by Maurycy Gomulicki & HOGAI, designed by Maurycy Gomulicki, manufactured by HOGAI Sp. z o.o. / hogai.store/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/op-artowa-kolekcja-kocow-i-narzut
  48. nicer, designed by Katarzyna Kabo, Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Domeracka, Jan Wilczak, produced by Orplast Sp. z o.o. / www.nicerway.eu
  49. Organic, designed by Izabela Brola-Cieśluk, produced by Motiv Home / motivhome.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/organic
  50. Paxt, designed by Piotr Kuchciński, produced by NOTI / noti.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/paxt
  51. Mood Swings Perfume, designed by Mood Scent Bar (Victor Kochetov), collaboration: Fugazi, production: Mood Scent Bar / moodscentbar.com/en
  52. Personalised linen weight quilt with cherry stones, design: Anna Bienias, Daria Skrzypkowska, production: Golden Grain Sp. z o.o., brand: Plantule Pillows / plantulepillows.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/personalizowana-lniana-koldra-obciazeniowa
  53. Player Mirror, designed by Patrycja Bruź-Soniewicka, Bartłomiej Klepiński, Katarzyna Erkiert, production: HOGAI Sp. z o.o. / hogai.store/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/player-mirror
  54. Podlaskie – natural soap in a bar, design: Przemek Sokołowski, production: Cztery Szpaki / 4szpaki.pl
  55. POLA – a series of ceramic compositions, design: Magda Jurek, production: Pani Jurek / panijurek.pl
  56. POODLE, designed by Mati Sipiora, produced by Mati Sipora / matisipiora.com
  57. PUZZLES – a set of two coffee tables in broken white, design: Katarzyna Szyc, production: Perler Design / perler-design.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/puzzles
  58. Plywood Project bookcases, designed by Dariusz Gapski, produced by Plywood Project / plywoodproject.pl
  59. Table family Gerro, design: Sedno Studio (Wojciech Błaszczyk), production: Mebella / mebella.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/rodzina-stolow-gerro
  60. SAMOO, designed by Ronald Straubel, manufactured by KLEIBER / kleiber.eu/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/samoo
  61. Sets, sets and mini-sets of ZADKI and HARCE products, design: Panama Studio (Julia Luteracka, Kamila Lewandowska), production: Panama Studio / panama-studio.com
  62. “The Pole: The Polish Poster Column“, project: Zupagrafika, production: Zupagrafika / zupagrafika.com /www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/slup-the-polish-poster-column
  63. SOLIFE – Collection of outdoor furniture smart, design: Ewa Nowak, Helena Wierzbowska, Olaf Wysocki, production: Solife Sp. z o.o. / solife.store/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/solife-kolekcja-mebli-outdoorowych-smart
  64. Rosemary and Patchouli rose bath salt, designed by Anna Maria Madejska, Bartosz Jan Ostrowski, manufactured by HHUUMM / hhuumm.com
  65. Stellar, designed by Maja Ganszyniec Studio, produced by ILUM / ilum.lighting/en
  66. Clinker SUNDOWN by Maja Ganszyniec, design: Maja Ganszyniec Studio and the design team of Ceramika Paradyż, production: Ceramika Paradyż Sp. z o.o. / paradyz.com
  67. Switch Concept – electrical switches and sockets made of plywood, design: Syska Design (Agnieszka Syska, Dominik Syska), production: Syska Solutions Sp. z o.o. / switchconcept.eu/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/switch-concept
  68. DELTA System / LUMOLAMP, designed by Studio KABO & PYDO (Katarzyna Kabo Tomasz Pydo, Maciej Solarek), produced by LumoTubo Sp. z o.o. / lumolamp.eu
  69. GAMMA / LUMOLAMP system, designed by Studio KABO & PYDO (Katarzyna Kabo, Tomasz Pydo, Joanna Kośko, Maciej Solarek, Jan Wilczak), produced by LumoTubo Sp. z o.o / lumolamp.eu lumolamp.eu
  70. Bathroomcabinet Nigel 02, Bathroom cabinet Egeria 02, Bathroom cabinet Molinia 02, design: Matylda Polak (lead designer), Aleksandra Wichrowska (production manager), manufacturing: Lepolam, brand: DESIVA / desiva.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/szafka-lazienkowa
  71. Torii, designed by Grynasz Studio (Marta Niemywska-Grynasz, Dawid Grynasz), produced by Bizzarto, brand: Bizzarto / bizzarto.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/troii
  72. Favourites, design: Anna Eliza Gwiazda, production: Gwiazda Studio / instagram.com/anagstar
  73. UŻYJ TO, designed by Kuba Majzel, Karol Łącki, produced by UŻYJ TO / uzyj.to
  74. VANK_CUBE, designed by Anna Vonhausen, produced by VANK / vank.design/en/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/vank_cube
  75. Vivido, designed by Supergirls Do Design (Marta Szostek, Matylda Halkowicz), produced by NOTI / noti.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/vivido
  76. wellmood by MAKI, designed by MAKI (Paula Buczyńska), produced by MAKI / makimood.com/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/wellmood-by-maki
  77. “In my forest”, design: Aleksandra Kujawska, production: Aleksandra Kujawska / desahome.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/w-moim-lesie
  78. “From Park to Park. A Guide to Collecting Stamps from Polish National Parks”, design: Michał Słodowy (author), Sylwia Bartoszewska (graphic identity), Malwina Hajduk (layout and design of the guide), production: Historia/Natura Publishing House / zparkudoparku.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/z-parku-do-parku
  79. “Zgruzowstanie. ThePast and Future of Ruins in Architecture”, project: edited by Adam Przywara. production: Museum of Warsaw / sklep.muzeumwarszawy.pl/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/zgruzowstanie-przeszlosc-i-przyszlosc-ruin-w-architekturze
  80. Rise set that grows with the child, designed by Ewa Półtorak, produced by: Borcas / borcas.eu/ www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/zestaw-rise-ktory-rosnie-wraz-z-dzieckiem
  81. Unitra Hi-Fi Stereo Set, designed by Wiktor Szulfer, produced by Unitra / unitra.com/en// www.lodzdesign.com/musthave/katalog/zestaw-stereo-hi-fi-unitra

The Łódź Design Festival is made possible thanks to the support of the Łódź Events Centre and the City of Łódź.

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