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Back to school! With the beginning of September, the bell will ring again to bring together high school students eager for new adventures in the school corridors. As in the new version of Gossip Girl, Generation Z will once again be competing for the best hairstyles. All this to consistently find their own style and voice in the world of social media, new technologies and viral videos. In the new campaign, offers choices in line with the latest trends – modern sneakers, recently fashionable glans and casual footwear. All from cult brands loved by young trendsetters such as Dr. Martens, Crocs, adidas, New Balance, Vans and Converse

Back to the past

Among the most important trends for Generation Z at the moment, the return to the 1990s and the beginnings of the new millennium should be mentioned above all. For teenage fashion fans, sneakers are nowadays the basis of styling and give it all the character., which specialises in selecting the best shoes, offers versatile proposals, not only for a specific season, but also for the whole summer. They are the base for styling and the starting point for everyday looks. Nowadays, high school students like to wear worn-out, frayed jeans with a flared cut, short tops that expose their stomachs, vintage-style leather jackets such as rampons, bikers or biker jackets, oversized sweatshirts with wide sleeves, tracker hats and lots of jewellery

In the new campaign “Back to school fashion”, the Polish multibrand has selected the most interesting shoe models for the autumn-winter 2023 season. Among them, we can find Karl Lagerfeld high-top trainers, the ultra-popular Gazelle model from adidas, timeless Vans trainers or the hugely popular New Balance. For fans of breaking casual outfits with something “stronger”, offers Dr. Martens clogs, which have proven over the past few seasons that they go well with both jeans and dresses. The campaign also features the legendary Converse trainers in a versatile white shade, ideal for a variety of school outfits. For autumn, offers models with a raised sole, as well as those with a platform. Converse shoes seem to be the perfect choice for school corridors, not only because of their timeless design, but also because of the white sole, which is often required in the school dress code

School outfit

If you are looking for tried-and-tested solutions when packing your school backpack, it is worth taking a look at the offer of The multibrand is not only an expert when it comes to footwear, but also a fantastic guide to lifestyle, premium, sport and classic categories. In the multibrand’s proposals, therefore, you can find many great accessories that will become the basis of a high school student’s essentials. Before the start of the new year, shopping should begin with a bag or backpack – those with the best functionality, i.e. the number of extra pockets and separate compartments, deserve special attention. This is where older kids often keep their headphones or smartphone. Teenagers will also find smaller accessories useful, such as the ever-useful watch or the super-fashionable cap, which will be particularly important for styling during the journey to school in autumn

The return to school is fast approaching. The new school year is a great time for high school students to emphasise their individuality and character, precisely through fashion. This is the moment to stand out from the crowd with interesting styling and distinctive choices. Whatever their preference, students will have a wide choice of trends to feel comfortable and confident in the school corridors. Fashion is fun, so be sure to experiment and create your own unique looks that will become every student’s calling card

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