Basia Starecka and Café Bristol present Cake of the fed Starecka

The Naked Starecki cake combines fabulous fantasy with timeless retro chic. Both the confectionery craftsmanship and the Bristol Hotel itself. The look of the dessert refers to the Art Nouveau architecture of the building and the period in which this gem of Art Nouveau was created. The opening of the hotel in the early 20th century coincided with the fashion for an extremely exuberant style of decorating baked goods.

Maximalism in confectionery is now coming back in a big way. Working on the cake was an opportunity for me to hark back to a time of similar carefree exuberance in the capital’s social life, with the Bristol Hotel playing a key role in it. It was a meeting place for Warsaw’s bohemians who found it intellectually entertaining to let their imaginations run wild. Thanks to this , I was also able to fulfil my dream of a total dessert that would accommodate all my innermost desires for endless pleasure,” says Basia Starecka, a culinary journalist, one of the most opinionated observers of the Polish culinary scene and author of the podcast “Z pełnymi ustami”

The sweet pink cake by Naked Starecka hides a surprising interior, full of contrasts and contradictions. On the one hand, delicate innocent pink – the one on top and in the form of homemade raspberry jam inside, on the other – debauchery and madness. The tempting centre of this sweet masterpiece is filled with a combination of dark and white chocolate, crunchy romaine and delicate champagne mousse in an intoxicating marriage with brandy. The whole is finely decorated with a buttercream with a drop of Cointreau liqueur. This is a dessert that breaks all conventions, combining timeless elegance with decadence, to start a long lazy afternoon with a glass of champagne or a cup of your favourite tea

The new dessert has been created thanks to the collaboration with Café Bristol’s Pastry Chef Grzegorz Walicki, who has been associated with the pastry shop of the legendary Warsaw hotel for over 30 years. It was he who, knowing the tastes of the regulars of the legendary café and the sweet history of the place, masterfully interpreted Basia Starecka’s idea and inspirations, creating this small sweet masterpiece

The cake has been available since 3 October. It can be tasted every week – from Tuesday to Thursday – at Café Bristol on Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/44

source: press materials

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