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Bobrowo palace: a fairytale estate waiting to be rescued

Bobrowo Palace is located less than three kilometres from both Lomnica and Wojanow. Looking at these two magnificent metamorphoses of historic mansions, it is heartbreaking that this building, too, was not lucky enough to regain its former splendour. Although its glory years are long behind it and it is now falling into disrepair, its varied massing still delights. The palace has been in the hands of an association for years, which has failed to undertake the promised restoration. Will it be possible to save this fairytale monument?

The first brick building on the site of the current palace was erected around 1450, at which time it served as a crossing point over the Bober. In the second half of the 15th century, the Bobrowo estate belonged to the Schaffgotsch family. At the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, the seat was owned by Nickel von Zedlitz. He probably built a simple stone manor house on the site of today’s palace. In time, a knight’s tower and a small fortress were added to it. Later, in 1894, the then owner, Hans Rudolf von Decker, had the building extensively rebuilt. In this way, an architectural gem in the Neo-Renaissance style was erected in Bobrowo. The Berlin architect Paul Roetger was responsible for the design

1894, Bobrowo Palace. Source: Technische Universität Berlin

Pałac w Bobrowie

The von Decker family owned the palace until 1921. The building then fell into the hands of the state, which in 1934 established an SA (Storm Troops of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party) sports school there. After the war, the palace was occupied by the Soviet Army, then a centre for political refugees from Greece, a house of correction, a colony house, a State Agricultural Farm (PGR), SKR or the Inspectorate of Civil Defence from Jelenia Góra was established there. It had been unused since the late 1960s and gradually fell into more and more disrepair

In 1994, the municipality sold the building for a symbolic sum to a Polish-German association, which undertook to restore it to its former glory. All work was limited to securing the building, which nevertheless continues to deteriorate. The Karkonosze District Office was concerned about the condition of the Bobrowo chateau. Attempts were made in 2021 to inspect the building, assisted by the police, but it was not possible to enter the property. Formal issues and the lack of inspection possibilities mean that the owner of the palace is unpunished and nothing can be enforced against him, and the palace is turning into more and more of a ruin every year. One can only hope that the local authorities manage to overcome the formal restrictions and the palace in Bobrowo will receive proper care before it is too late


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