In Ostrów Wielkopolski, they are improving the signs. On the city’s basket

A programme is underway in Ostrów Wielkopolski to give selected shop signs a new face. An example is the metamorphosis of the Dora shop.

Changing shop signs is possible thanks to the “Szyld w dechę” campaign. Now its second edition has taken place. The city decided to change the signs of the shops located on Kolejowa Street. In this way, street by street, the aesthetics of the entire town are being improved.

As part of the first edition of the event, the shopfronts of several shops were changed. Instead of mottled lettering, striking neon signs were hung. These changes were carried out in 2022. The neon signs shone on Wiosny Ludów Street. The following shops took part in the first edition: the Mariett Shop – Wiosny Ludów 27, the Muzyk Shop – Wiosny Ludów 21, the Dobranoc Shop – Wiosny Ludów 9, the Ulichnowski Real Estate Office – Wiosny Ludów 7. Photos of the changes can be found in our article HERE.

The ‘Signboard in a breath’ campaign is back with the metamorphosis of more shops. Importantly, the event is not only a graphical change of shops or service outlets, but also has an educational value. The signboard revolution is preceded by workshops attended by entrepreneurs. The workshops include study walks and lectures, during which members of the archiBUNT Association show entrepreneurs examples of good practice. They make them aware of how the aesthetics of their premises’ shop window affect the appearance of the entire street and, consequently, the city. This is a good investment.

The aim of our activities is not only to improve the visual identification of individual places. It is another element in a series of tasks linked to the Revitalisation Programme for Ostrow Wielkopolski. These initiatives allow us to improve the quality of public space and contribute to the improvement of the revitalisation area,” stresses Jakub Tomalkiewicz, director of the Spatial Policy Department at the Municipal Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

Thanks to the event, the Dora shop gained a renovated shop window. It is a gift shop offering a wide range of products. Konrad Moszyński is responsible for the site’s new visual identity. Bearing in mind the shop’s wide range of products and its long tradition, the designer decided to keep the logo design, but change its positioning. Now it appears above the main shop window in the form of an inscription. And in the window itself, symmetrical patterns have been pasted to bring order to the view.

In total, the appearance of four shops was changed during the second edition of the event. The total cost of the changes amounted to PLN 30 000. The city is already preparing for the third edition, to be held later this year.

source and photos: ArchiBUNT Association

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