Zywia Nowicka and her sculptural objects Kollekti

Previously, she was mainly involved in interior design. Now Zywia Nowicka has prepared a series of objects under the name Kollekti. It is a collection of objects made of wood, marble or brass that will decorate any room.

Zywia Nowicka calls her objects functional sculptures. These are objects that serve specific functions. Each table, painting or shelf is the result of a creative transformation of noble, natural materials such as oak wood, marble or brass, which for various reasons were considered unwanted. These are usually scraps found in workshops, warehouses or quarries, which, thanks to her hands, gain a new, attractive form and life.

In 2020, I saw pieces of marble in a quarry in Carrara that were destined for milling. I felt an overwhelming urge to do something with it. A few hundred kilograms of the Roman Empire’s building blocks made their way to my studio in Rzeszów, and I put everything on one card – I would use all my instinct and creativity to create from unwanted, discarded, natural materials. I call this process the alchemy of art, which makes the desirable out of the unwanted,” says Zywia Nowicka.

Kollekti’s collection features objects based on fluted Carrara marble, kilims woven from wool by Tartaruga, and oak and brass pieces. The objects are designed for private and public interiors.

Kollekti is my creative alter ego. I have a natural urge within me to seek new solutions and the freedom to experiment with materials. I call my creative transformation process ‘the alchemy of art’, where a concoction of creativity, attentiveness and mathematical precision transforms unwanted raw materials into objects of desire and care,” adds the designer of the objects.

Kollekti’s objects are created artisanally, in single copies or small series, as well as on individual order. Each carries its own ‘personal’ story of creative transformation from unwanted to desired. The entire collection consists of 13 objects called ‘functional sculptures’ that correspond with each other in both material and form. The idea behind the collection is to restore the splendour of unwanted precious materials, giving them a utilitarian function in a bold and unique form.

The tables measure 100 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm and weigh approximately 42 kg. The paintings, on the other hand, measure 100 cm x 50 cm x 2.5 cm.

object artist/brand: Zywia Nowicka/KOLLEKTI(www.kollekti.com)

photos: Svitlana Turko

artistic direction and styling of the shoot: Zywia Nowicka

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