Colourful arrangements, or how to enliven a space with colour?

Are you keen on stylish home décor? Pay attention to colours! Find out how to choose the right colours for walls, furniture and decorations. Find out the most important rules to follow when designing interiors. The best arrangements are coherent and well thought-out. You can use practically any colour you choose. However, remember to balance them appropriately and avoid visual chaos.

What makes colour so important in interior design?

Think about what kind of décor you want. Certain furnishings will certainly come to mind. A table, an armchair, a painting on the wall, a flower on the windowsill…. It all adds up and makes you feel emotional. Interior design can vary in character. Some are cosy, others elegant and businesslike, others artistic and creative. The atmosphere in a room is very much influenced by the colours in it. This is proven by colour psychology, which shows how colours affect the human psyche. Blue helps you to concentrate, red gives you energy, and green relieves stress. If you choose the right colour palette, you can design a space in which life is simply better.

How do you combine colours?

It’s worth digging into theory and learning more about professional interior design. The colour wheel, for example, is a useful tool that makes it easy to create successful colour combinations. How do you use it? Just take a closer look. Analogous colours are those that are positioned next to each other. A good example is blue and purple. An alternative way of combining is to be inspired by complementary colours, i.e. those on opposite sides of the circle. They give a distinctive, contrasting effect. This is illustrated, for example, by green and red or orange and blue. Also pay attention to the brightness and saturation of the colours. If you want to make your interior design easier, you can prepare visualisations of the rooms and see how certain shades look in one arrangement.

Bold wall painting ideas

How do you liven up your home and introduce striking colours? Don’t be afraid to experiment. Not all walls have to be painted with the same shade of paint. You also have many inspiring finishing materials to choose from. You can use in your interior design:

  • stucco and wall laths,
  • stencils for applying paint,
  • self-adhesive wallpaper for painting,
  • paints and plasters with unique textures.

For example, it is a good idea to paint one wall in several colours to create abstract patterns. If you use geometric stencils, this will be easier and you will get a better effect. An interesting combination is pastel shades of green, yellow and pink. You can create an elegant décor, for example, by lining one area with wall slats and painting it with dark blue paint. A mustard-coloured sofa and armchair will go perfectly with it. Another original solution is to use primary colours, i.e. distinctive yellow, red and blue. The overall look is abstract, creative and energising.

How to avoid an excess of colour and maintain balance in the space?

It is easy to get carried away when looking at the variety of paint shades, furniture and decorations. However, avoid an excess of colour in your surroundings, it leads to feelings of discomfort and overstimulation. Decide on a specific colour palette before designing your interior. In most cases, this consists of three dominant colours. However, if you want to create an avant-garde arrangement, you can opt for more. Make sure that all elements of the décor are consistent with each other. The final effect is influenced by the smallest details, such as a cushion cover or a flowerpot placed on a windowsill. However, start the project from the base, i.e. the finishing of the walls, floors and choice of furnishings.

Want to create a cosy interior? Talk to an interior designer

Planning the décor can be quite a challenge. If you paint the walls the wrong colour, it can be expensive to rectify the mistake. That’s why it makes sense to opt for professional interior design. An experienced architect from Studio Motiv will help you plan a cosy yet practical arrangement. He will create a space in which you will feel at ease.

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