Ceramics by the Polish brand Yird. Its creator is Aleksander Kozera

Mugs, plates and other objects from under the Yird banner mostly go to cafés and restaurants. However, the recent debut of Yird ceramics at the Pretty Things Fair in Warsaw heralds a greater openness to individual customers who want to bring these little wonders into their homes. What makes them stand out?

The Yird brand was founded by Aleksander Kozera. The studio where the ceramic works are created is located in Warsaw. Years ago he had a strong interest in architecture, but decided to focus on design, the design and creation of which gives him satisfaction. He founded the brand out of his passion for spatial design and 3D technology as well as applied art. The word Yird in Scottish Gaelic means planet Earth or ground. The designer creates drinking vessels and plates. Their form is the result of inspiration, which Aleksander Kozera looks for in nature

In my designs, I harmoniously juxtapose simple, geometric forms and lines with raw chamotte porcelain, which resembles natural stone in its structure and colour. I create ceramic products using the method of casting porcelain mass in plaster moulds – says Aleksander Kozera

The first stage of creating the objects is to make a design and 3D print the mother moulds, which are used for further preparation of plaster moulds for casting ceramics

The funnel porcelain I use is made according to my own recipe and is created by liquefying and combining two different types of porcelain and adding black grog and a mixture of suitable metal oxides, the designer adds

Aleksander Kozera

The result is raw porcelain, unglazed on the outside of the vessel, which emphasises its natural character. The inside of the vessels is glazed with a transparent glaze, which gives the ceramics functionality and acts as a lens, making the colours of the coloured masses appear more intense. The abstract pattern that can be seen on the plates is inspired by marble and is made of dyed porcelain masses that, when poured in the right way, make each plate unique

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source: Yird ceramics

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