A house leaning against a slope. Original design from Wrzeszcz Architekci

The house leaning against the slope is an original project from Wrzeszcz Architects. The architects’ main idea was to create a house that leans against the existing escarpment on the plot in order to float up and look into the distance. The main part of the building is supported by the hill and the reinforced concrete block of level -1. The investor treats the ground floor level as its own self-sufficient space of the house with a beautiful view. A huge glass frame connects the living room, dining room, kitchen and outdoor terrace.

Underneath, on level -1, there is a garage, a technical area, as well as children’s rooms and a sports area with a sauna that leads directly out into the garden.

House based on a slope – Wrzeszcz Architekci

Leaning the building on the slope necessitated non-standard structural solutions. The levitating corners of the house were made into a hanging structure. They are held up by a reinforced concrete truss at the level of the roof attic. A concrete strip on top of the roof highlights the actual structure of the building. The body of the house is complemented by a black frame surrounding the front elevation. The interiors are kept in a minimalist, elegant style and a subdued colour scheme. Black, white, shades of grey, glass and wood predominate. The raw concrete is striking. The view from the panoramic windows, which are an important part of the interior, provides colour.

Cars drive into the garage under one of the hanging corners, while the other hovers over the garden and supports the outdoor terrace. The entire project is surrounded by lush greenery comprising shrubs, flowers, perennials, grasses and trees. A large part of the plot is covered by an extensive lawn.

Dom oparty o skarpę

Architectural Design – Wrzeszcz Architects: Borys Wrzeszcz, Mariusz Wrzeszcz, Jarosław Bajer / www.wrzeszczarchitekci.pl
Interior Design: EV Architects – Ewelina Jankowska / www.ev-architects.pl/
Structure Design: Krzysztof Ławniczak Design Studio
Landscape Design: Marzena Bąkowska Barwy Ogrodów, Jerzy Kęcel Agrobud

Usable area of the house including garage: 320m2
Plot area: 2400m2
Completion: 2022

Photos: exterior: Przemysław Turlej / interior: Tom Kurek

Source: wrzeszcz architekci

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Topic: house based on a slope. Original design from Wrzeszcz Architects

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