Flat for two in Krakow. Here colours play a major role!

Sandy beiges, light colours and natural materials characterise a spacious flat for a couple, located in one of Krakow’s districts. Surrounded by greenery and modern architecture, it is the perfect refuge in the urban jungle.

The owners had a clear vision of how they wanted their flat to be arranged, and they confidently put it in the hands of the architects at Grupa NONO.

This is our brightest interior design project in the entire portfolio. Theclients ‘ fondnessfor white, its broken shades or beige, was quite a colour challenge for us. We focus on interiors that are expressive, characterful anddistinctive, in which we are most often accompanied by working with a stronger colour. However, no less important to us is the client’s personality,which we want to highlight with the solutions used, sowe approached the colour suggestions withcuriosity. Ultimately, we juxtaposed a light base with lots of wood, and allowed ourselves a more significant colour in thebathroom,reaching for a softer version of violet,’says Karolina Szyszka – architect and founder of GRUPA NONO.

The clients’ expectations oscillated between classic inspirations and minimalism. With their typical subtlety and charm, the architects wove in details that gave character to the entire space, while at the same time being in keeping with the wishes of the clients.

Textures are key to the character of the interiors here – clay plaster in the bedroom, fabric-textured wallpaper, fretwork, fluted glass in the shower. We tried to implement the client’s request for classic accents reliably, but adding a fresh perspective. Subtle stucco or curved wooden furniture add a classic touch to the interiors. Thekey to the final character of the flat – the coveted note of classic without creating a palace atmosphere – is the right proportion and moderation ,” adds the architect.

The 65 metres include the entrance area, the living area – a living room with kitchenette, an office, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Open-plan living room

A comfortable corner sofa in a grey shade invites you to make yourself comfortable in the living room. The coarse weave fabric is reminiscent of the curtain fabric. Together they create an elegant space for relaxation. Just behind the sofa, a wooden table, assisted by upholstered chairs, marks the conventional boundary between the kitchen and living room areas.

The adjacent kitchen island is finished with the same material as the wall between the kitchen cabinets. A decorative accent is the semi-circular laths on the front, which also warm up the coolness of the stone worktop.

The kitchen cabinets were made in two colours. This treatment made the kitchen light and more lounge-like. Another interesting solution is the fluted glass front of one of the cabinets, behind which the porcelain and glass collection is hidden.

The kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. The large surface area of the worktop allows you to prepare meals with ease. An adequate number of electrical sockets of the Kontakt-Simon brand, Simon 54, facilitates work with mixers, blenders and other such appliances.

Bedroom under the arch

A distinctive feature of the bedroom is the gentle arch at the head of the bed. The wall is accentuated with clay plaster, which breaks the elegance and at the same time interacts with the wooden panel. It transitions gently into the two nightstands, alluding to the wooden TV wall in the living room. The warm colours of the bedroom invite you to relax in the evening, while the fleecy curtains create a cosy atmosphere. The Simon 54 Premium switches and contacts installed at the tables are not only aesthetically pleasing and a kind of additional decoration of the interior, they are also practical. You can freely connect your phone charger to them in the evening and leave them by the bed.

Bathroom in colour

Unlike the other rooms, in the bathroom the architects’ main focus was not only on texture, but also colour. The custom-made washbasin cabinet was given a shade of dusty purple. The powder-coated tiles with their slightly concave surface look beautiful against it. The unusual shower “cabin” also catches the eye. Made according to an individual design in fluted glass, it becomes an additional decoration in the bathroom, winking at its sister kitchen cabinet. The handles from the cubicle, in the form of rails, have been given a dual role, also acting as towel hangers. The neat combination of three different tile and wood textures and patterns adds a very cosy feel to the bathroom, creating a cosy bath lounge. Sockets and switches from the Simon 82 range were used in the bathroom.

Key to the character of this interior are the textures – clay plaster in the bedroom, fabric-textured wallpaper, fretwork, fluted glass in the shower. All of this is skilfully combined by the NONO Group’s designers to create a uniquely harmonious whole.

About the studio:

Nono Group – a Krakow-based studio founded by Karolina Szyszka. “We enter personal space with appreciation, celebrating its uniqueness. Our speciality is creating personalised and unique interiors. Regardless of the scale of the project, the starting point is the person, their individuality and their lifestyle. We are inspired by the simplicity of nature and its timelessness. Our hallmark is unobvious material combinations that are memorable. Accuracy and precision are our attributes. We are where we want to be.” – reads https://www.grupanono.pl/

source: Press material / https://www.kontakt-simon.com.pl/

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