Flat for young collectors and design fans in Warsaw

The author of the interior design is Angelika Fedorczuk, who runs the design studio Jasno Projekty. The flat in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district is a warm and energetic space that meets the needs of a young couple one hundred per cent

A couple of future spouses live here. The flat is located in Warsaw’s Żoliborz Artistic District

The future spouses, who approached me for the project, knew their needs very well and emphasised that a cosy interior with space for their passions was the most important thing for them. They treated me to delicious coffee and told me about their passions for travel, for good coffee, for photography and music, as well as for design. After that visit, I left with a smile on my face, convinced that together we would be able to create something cool,” recalls Angelika Fedorczuk

Although the premises are in a new building, thanks to thoughtful additions, we have managed to introduce elements that slightly allude to the design of the past

A challenge in the interior design was to create an appropriate division in the largest room. It was to serve as the kitchen, dining room and living room. After much analysis, a functional living area was created where the household members can spend most of their free time

The dining area was highlighted with black and white chequered tiles. The designer was inspired here by old Warsaw staircases. She used a similar solution in the hallway. The rest of the flat is decorated with a wooden parquet floor laid in a darker shade. A similar shade of wood can be seen in the built-in furniture

The biggest star of the space, however, is a piece of furniture in the form of a contemporary wall unit. It is a wooden bookcase that fills an entire wall and organises the interior. A television was placed in the central section, and the owners’ personal items such as a gramophone, books and travel souvenirs were placed next to it. The overall atmosphere is slightly reminiscent of the aesthetics of the communist era

A similar atmosphere is maintained in the rest of the house. Here you will find a wooden armchair from a Polish furniture factory, iconic restored chairs designed by Józef Hałas or a sofa in the style of old sofas

There are also touches of contemporary Polish design throughout the house. There are vases from Polish designers, books on the history of Żoliborz, a collection of photographs, posters and paintings. Even the kitchen accessories are not a coincidence. This interior was designed to be a backdrop for the rich lives and passions of its inhabitants. It was intended to be cosy, slightly nostalgic, retro, but in a contemporary way. Some of the decor in the flat was borrowed from collections from DESA Home Today, in collaboration with contemporary designers. The space features a ceramic work‘Landscape‘ by Olga Milczynska, a porcelain vase‘PAO Fern‘ by Katarzyna Wasielewska and a blanket‘Blur No.1‘ by REST studio

photo: Mood Authors

design: bright.projects – Angelika Fedorczuk

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