For lovers of beauty! Christmas delicatessen and crafts from the Culinary Loft

Christmas is a time of joy, love and sharing with loved ones. It’s also a time when carefully chosen gifts take on a special meaning. If you’re looking for something unusual to bring joy to your loved ones, the Christmas offerings from the Culinary Loft could be the perfect choice

The Culinary Loft is a place that combines a passion for culinary, arts and crafts. Their Christmas offer is a real feast for the senses to highlight the uniqueness of these magical days

Handmade delicatessen: a unique taste

In the Loft Culinary offer you will find extraordinary handmade delicatessens that will delight even the most sophisticated palates. Delicious jams, chocolates and pralines, shortbread cookies including the award-winning must have 2022 florentines decorated with art by Pola Dwurnik and unique flavour sets make the perfect gift for culinary lovers. Each product is carefully prepared with the highest quality ingredients to deliver an unforgettable taste experience

Craft and art: for lovers of beauty

The Culinary Loft is not only a place for foodies, but also for lovers of arts and crafts. In their collection, you will find unique pieces of fine art that will bring a unique atmosphere to your home. From porcelain and ceramics to textiles made from natural raw materials, each piece is carefully crafted by renowned artists, making them not only beautiful but also unique

Beautiful packaging: a gift that will delight at first sight

A gift is not only about what is inside, but also about the way it is packaged. The Culinary Loft pays great attention to the aesthetics of the packaging, creating beautiful, elegant and eco-friendly packaging that makes the gift even more special. Each package is carefully designed to delight from the first glance

Artistic collections: for connoisseurs

If you are looking for something really special, the Culinary Loft offers artistic collections created by talented artists. Pola Dwurnik, Natalia Olbiński and Magdalena Pankiewicz have created unique collections that are also a manifesto of what is important. They are unique pieces of applied art that will not only enrich your interior, but also create a unique atmosphere. Each element of the collection is an expression of the artist’s passion, talent and sensitivity, which makes them extremely valuable and unique

design: Magdalena Pankiewicz

Christmas proposals from the Culinary Loft

Christmas is a time to spend surrounded by loved ones, enjoying the moment of sharing together. Gifts from Loft Kulinarny are the perfect way to emphasise the uniqueness of these days and bring joy to your loved ones. Handmade delicatessens, unique pieces of functional art, aesthetic packaging and artistic collections are just some of the proposals

Together with the Culinary Loft, we invite you to discover the Christmas magic hidden in every product and work of art. This is a gift that will not only delight, but also leave beautiful memories long after Christmas

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The listing was created in collaboration with the Culinary Loft brand.

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