From classic to innovative: discover style with Jordan, Fila and Reebok!

Do you prefer classics or are you looking for unusual solutions? Do you like retro models from the world of sport, or perhaps a modern, striking design? No matter what kind of sneakers you have in your wardrobe, you will find something for you in the range of top brands such as Jordan, Fila and Reebok. Here are our favourite models: we’ve selected both evergreens and design highlights from each brand. Get ready!

Yes, these are TE Jordans

You say ‘Jordans’ and you see them right there – for sure. Designed for Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers are one of the best things streetwear has inherited from the NBA players of the 1980s, and are loved to this day not only for their design, but also for the comfort provided by the brand’s flagship Air cushion technology. Today, this signature basketball model is available in new colour options every season, from greys and navy blues to bold pink and orange. Try them with joggers – the ankle tapered trouser legs allow the shoe’s upper to be fully exposed. Air Jordans also look great with wide-leg basketball-style shorts or a loose-fitting sleeveless or T-shirt dress. Jordan – you’ve got the basics down.

Jumpman’s legacy: how is Jordan changing?

Brands such as Jordan, Fila and Reebok don’t stop at reissues of iconic evergreens. This is evidenced by the Jordan Stay Loyal 2 sneakers, which reference models from previous decades as well as Michael Jordan’s biography. The mix of materials, patterns and inspirations makes these sneakers an unmissable model. And with Air cushioning under the heel and a raised, ankle-protecting upper, these shoes will support you during your daily activities. What to wear with them? There are plenty of options: old-school 90s-style orthos with elastic drawstrings at the ankles. Turn-of-the-century cargo trousers with a striking print such as morocco. Wide sweatpants with a distinctive perforated tongue. Find your patent!

Philaphilia – less or more?

In Fila ‘s collections, you will always find minimalist classics such as the monochrome Fila Cress SMU JD sneakers on a comfortable foam sole, inspired by the versatile training shoes of the mid-1980s, or the Fila Teratach LO JD SMU in retro basketball style. But the brand’s trademark is definitely a desire to break the mould. How else could the Fila Disruptor model have come about? These iconic women’s ‘chunky shoes’ combine a soft pastel colour scheme with a scaled-down silhouette and a solid sole fitted with a serrated tread. With an EVA foam midsole, these shoes not only add inches, but are great at absorbing shock for all-day comfort. Try pairing them with wide-leg sweatpants or joggers in a similar shade for a beige or white total look. Do you prefer Fila in a minimalist or maximalist look? Check it out!

Reebok: Leather Classic or not so classic?

When we think of Reebok’s most iconic shoes, one of the models that first comes to mind is of course the Leather Classic. Designed in the golden age of fitness as a versatile training shoe, these sneakers have resisted the passage of time thanks to their minimalist leather upper that goes with everything and sleek lines. No wonder – whether you pair them with jeans, knit trousers or a tube skirt, they look just as good. Prefer a lesser-known American brand? Discover the women’s Reebok Club C Extra shoes with a massive platform that adds character to the classic retro upper. Inspired by the past with a modern twist – that’s what we like the brand for!

Fancy experimenting, or maybe you’re just looking for comfortable sneakers that fit in with your active lifestyle? Whatever your need, collections from top brands such as Jordan, Fila and Reebok are already waiting for you. You can find them in the JD shop!

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