Gdansk will renovate more than 100 buildings. We have the full list!

Gdansk will renovate more than 100 buildings, according to the latest announcement on the city of Gdansk website. The renovation work will cover exactly 102 buildings located in various districts of the city. Documentation is currently being prepared, which is expected to cost PLN 15 million. The city wants to allocate over 300 million for the renovations. This is a scale of renovations that Gdańsk has not seen since the end of the war.

The city’s tenements in Biskupia Górka, Dolny Miasto and other districts of our city are becoming more beautiful. Gdañskie Nieruchomości is preparing for the general modernisation of further municipal buildings, both residential and commercial, in several districts of Gdañsk. We publish the full list of buildings to be renovated.

Designing, planning renovation work is already underway. Preparing the documentation for all 102 buildings will cost PLN 15 million. It is estimated that specific renovation works in the buildings will cost around PLN 300 million. The first works will start later this year. Olszynka will be the first to go – in the buildings in this district, work will start in the second half of this year.

– Such a gigantic scale of renovations has never been seen in the history of Gdańsk. The properties to be modernised are located in various districts. Our specialists are working on obtaining funding for the works from various sources – informs Piotr Kryszewski, deputy mayor of Gdańsk for municipal services.

Gdańskie Nieruchomości is trying to obtain funding for the planned renovations from: BGK Surcharge Fund, EU funds, KPO funds – Housing Grant of the Municipality, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Gdańsk will renovate over 100 buildings – full list of addresses

Below you will find the full list of 102 addresses to be covered by renovation works. Among them, most renovations will take place in the Upper Wrzeszcz, Oliwa and Śródmieście districts. There will also be renovations in other districts.

City Centre

4 Aksamitna Street
4a Velvet Street
2 Bednarska Street
35 Biskupia Street
Grodzka Street 14/15
11B Krowoderska Street
Ul. Wałowy Square 2
9 Pod Zrębem Street
3 Św. Barbary Street



580 Grunwaldzka Ave
Al. Grunwaldzka 582
584 Grunwaldzka Ave
Kwietna Street 29
38 Kwietna Street
Kwietna street 40
Kwietna 41 street
Kwietna 41a street
Ul. Stary Rynek Oliwski 10
Ul. Stary Rynek Oliwski 15
Ul. Stary Rynek Oliwski 9


Wrzeszcz Górny

al. Grunwaldzka 165
1 Ceglana Street
10 Ceglana Street
13 Ceglana Street
14 Ceglana Street
3 Ceglana Street
5 Ceglana Street
9 Ceglana Street
4a De Gaulle’a Street
6a De Gaulle’a Street
Gomulickiego Ul. 10
Gomulickiego 13 Ul
Ul. Gomulickiego 8
Ul. Gomulickiego 9
Ul. Kolejarzy 10
11 Kolejarzy Street
Railway Workers Ul. 14
Railway Workers Ul. 15
Railway Workers Ul. 16
Railway Workers’ Street 17
4 Railways Street
Railway Workers’ Street 5
Railway Workers’ Street 6
8 Kolejarzy Street
Miedziana Street 10
Miedziana 11 Street
Miedziana 14 Street
Miedziana 15 Street
Miedziana street 16
Miedziana 18 street
Miedziana 3 street
Miedziana 5 street
Miedziana 6 street
Miedziana 8 Street
40a Partyzantów Street
Syrokomli 14 Street
20 Syrokomli Street
Ul. W. Pola 10
Ul. W. Pola 14
Ul. W. Pola 15
Ul. W. Pola 2
Ul. W. Pola 6
W. Pola 8 Ul



3 Dworkowa Street
Ul. Dworkowa 7a
47 Modra Street
Niwki 8 Street
Zawodzie 3 Street
Zielna Ul. 25
Żurawia 1 Street


8 Jodłowa Street


14 Sienna Street

Wrzeszcz Dolny

2a Kliniczna Street
2a General Józefa Wybickiego Square
2a Wallenroda Street
22a Waryńskiego Street
Wyspiańskiego 17a Street


72 Leśna Góra Street

New Port

35 Letnicka Street
Ul. Władysława IV 10

Orunia – Św. Wojciech – Lipce

40 Małomiejska Street
19 Podmiejska Street
20a Podmiejska Street
9 Podmiejska Street
Rejtana Street 15/16
6 Rejtana Street
3 Równa Street
47 Sandomierska Street
Ul. Trakt św. Wojciecha 24
Ul. Trakt św. Wojciecha 44


Niecała 1 Street
Niecała 5 Street
1 Rybitwy Street
2 Rybitwy Street
7 Rybitwy Street
Rybitwy 7a Street
Ul. Stalowa 5
Ul. Stalowa 7
Ul. Szklana Huta 2


Pobiedzisko 12 Ul
18 Pobiedzisko Street

Source: Gdańskie Nieruchomości /

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