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How do you choose trendy streetwear style shoes?

As soon as streetwear broke into the fashion world, it almost immediately gained recognition not only among “laid-back young people”, but also with respected designers. It is hard to resist the impression that it is modelled on the 1980s and 1990s, when street style entered the public space, including in films, TV series and music videos. The biggest stars of music and cinema promoted streetwear as a completely new look for the casual, laid-back style. How is streetwear perceived today and how do you choose streetwear shoes?

Streetwear – what is it?

Streetwear, literally “street fashion”, can be associated with an overly casual wardrobe, carelessness and a lack of attention to fashion trends. This is not true, because streetwear is a relaxed style with no commitments, but still in tune with fashion trends

The most important thing about streetwear is to express oneself, to emphasise one’s own individuality and unique design. This is why this style is so popular in many looks, even among the biggest fashion designers

What is streetwear? It is a style that does not follow trends or rules. Thanks to the changing demands of the “street”, it undergoes metamorphoses. It is exactly the same with fashion trends, which are constantly changing. The most important thing is to feel comfortable, but also original and in tune with yourself

Popular streetwear items include joggers, boyfriends, leggings, tracksuit bottoms or sweatpants, as well as flared jeans.A popular top choice is a casual T-shirt or hoodie, topped off with a bomber jacket or denim katana and a baseball cap

What footwear works for streetwear style?

Streetwear is a style in which shoes play a very important role. Unlike many other styles, where the choice of footwear leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre, in streetwear shoes are integral to the overall look. You cannot rely on boots, strappy sandals or stiletto heels. Only trainers, trainers or trappers are suitable for streetwear. You can choose the ideal footwear, well-known brands and high quality, for example, using the offer at:

The variety of models, cuts, colours and designs allows you to choose that perfect pair to complete your streetwear look! High-top trainers created for such a style can come in classic white, as well as many other shades and patterns. With a straight or contoured sole and in a variety of materials, they are perfect for their intended function. Just choose them according to your styling and your tastes

Trainers are so versatile that they will work well with tracksuit bottoms, jeans, shorts, as well as dresses and skirts of various lengths. Sneakers are also a great option for street style. Fashionable sneakers are worth highlighting, for example by pairing them with short shorts or by rolling up the legs of loose, sweatpants

How to be trendy in streetwear: choosing the right shoes

Streetwear is a fashion trend based on the 1980s and 1990s, although, in fact, it started in the 1970s. It was all thanks to surfing fashion, and its promoter Shawn Studdy, a surfboard manufacturer who one day decided to include clothing in his range. The style also quickly became popular with hip-hop and punk groups

This way of dressing also became a way of seeing the world – without barriers and borders with maximum tolerance and therefore freedom of self-expression. Somewhere fashion ended and ideology and beliefs began, including the most important one – about self-esteem, no matter who you are

All this meant that streetwear was quickly picked up by well-known fashion brands, and the style itself spread around the world. Today, the market offers a whole range of products related to this style, including shoes

Sneakers are the perfect choice to complement this street style. Many models can be found at: Lovers of this offbeat style can choose their dream footwear to match the casual, trendy look. Well-known and respected brands stand for high quality and a guarantee for years, and sneakers go with many styles. Unique, fashionable colours, laces or Velcro straps, different sole contouring and many features are the basic criteria for selection. The streetwear style sneakers can be matched with combat trousers, tracksuit bottoms or jeans, but also with leggings, skirts and even tracksuit dresses

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Close up of teenage girl tying shoe laces while sitting on bed ready to go out, copy space

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