How to build an atmospheric Scandinavian terrace – practical tips

The Scandinavian style enjoys continuing popularity in fashionable interior design. What’s more, these types of solutions work not only in the comfort of the four walls at home. They can also be used on terraces and balconies to create the perfect place to relax.

What distinguishes a Scandinavian terrace? What furnishings should be included? What accessories are worth investing in? Read more about this below.

Scandinavian garden design – basic features of a trendy patio design

In Scandinavian arrangements in the garden, as in residential interiors, the focus is on functionality and comfort for the daily use of outdoor spaces with a recreational and presentable character.

The Scandinavian style focuses primarily on comfort, expressed through practical and minimalist solutions. The Scandinavian style avoids over-decoration, using simple structures with geometric shapes, often made from natural materials. Wood (furniture, flooring, panelling), plaited materials (wicker, rattan) and a variety of textiles are of course at the forefront. Naturalness also reigns supreme in the colour scheme, which cannot fail to include shades of wood, beige and grey, supplemented by individual accents of more intense colours, especially greens, blues and yellows.

All of this makes the Scandinavian style a great combination of domestic interiors with the surrounding greenery and nature, being an obvious extension of a comfortable living room or multifunctional living room.

Scandinavian patio furniture – comfort and functionality

Terrace furniture is most often made of wood or rattan braids, kept, of course, in natural colour. They have a simple, synthetic body, without excessive decoration. Such constructions obviously require regular care, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, as well as proper storage in a dry interior during autumn and winter. To increase the functionality of the backyard space, plastic products, especially recyclable polypropylene and technorattan, are also increasingly used on Scandinavian terraces. They are far more durable, suitable for outdoor storage all year round, and feature interesting designs – it is easy to find models with finishes imitating wood or rattan weaves. Such products appear, for example, on Bazkar .

For even greater comfort, Scandinavian terraces feature soft cushions on the seats of armchairs, loungers and sofas. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also enhance the aesthetics of the domestic space, allowing you to refresh the arrangement easily and without excessive costs, whenever you feel like it. In addition, additional equipment such as garden boxes for storing miscellaneous items (gardening equipment, barbecue accessories or children’s toys) and garden umbrellas to protect from the sun or rain can also be useful.

Trendy accessories – how to create a cosy Scandinavian terrace?

Although the Scandinavian style is based on the principles of minimalism, this does not mean that the terrace should be completely devoid of ornaments. However, these are usually items that combine practical and aesthetic qualities. The basis is, of course, the already mentioned textiles, such as cushions, rugs or parasols and garden awnings. In addition to these, the character of the relaxation area is influenced by well-crafted lighting. Geometric wall and façade lamps are used, as well as ceiling plafonds in covered areas. LED lights in the form of garlands on balustrades, for example, add to the cosy effect of the space.

Green plants – conifers, climbers and ornamental grasses – can become a real decoration of Scandinavian terraces. They introduce an element of nature into the relaxation area. They are placed in attractive ceramic pots or used in plaited or wicker-like covers.

The ideal place for pleasant relaxation – Scandinavian terraces

Simple and functional, Scandinavian terraces are comfortable and provide ideal conditions for outdoor recreation. The high quality of the furnishings and materials used contribute to the cosiness of the space and its aesthetic qualities. This makes spending time on such a terrace a pleasure.

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