How to create an eclectic interior? These 5 products are an absolute must have!

It has been gaining a growing fan base in recent years. The eclectic style is difficult to define. It has no boundaries, it is constantly evolving and interiors decorated in this style can be completely different from each other. So how do you achieve this effect?

The eclectic style likes to do things out of the box. A decorated interior has a lot of originality, boldness, energy and often downright positive madness. This feeling comes from the fact that eclectic spaces break the mould and create opportunities for self-expression. However, it is not enough just to put together different coloured furniture. To achieve an interior in this style, conscious action and careful planning of every element is needed. In this way, clutter will be avoided.

When decorating a living room or bedroom in an eclectic style, it is important to remember the common points. If we want to add variety to the dining table by placing several different chairs and one of them is orange, the latter colour should appear in the accent of the rest of the interior design. Orange is just an example here, the principle applies to any colour.

So what furniture and accessories are worth choosing for eclectic interiors? For this purpose, we havechecked the DKwadrat.plshop’s offer and have some suggestions that will enliven the interior, make it look trendy and even ‘instagram-like’. This is a subjective compilation by the editors.

We start with the base. Eclecticism likes a theme, and in this case we have opted for modern black furniture. The ANGUS bookcase with cabinet in black will be a good place to display personal items. You can place anything on it. From your favourite china to books and colourful figurines you brought back from holiday. A highlight of this piece of furniture is the cupboard behind the sliding openwork doors, where you can hide less frequently used items. You can read more about the cabinet HERE.

ANGUS cabinet

Another base piece of furniture is the ROXBY chair. This is a classic design with a timeless shape that will always look good. The piece of furniture is a good choice for small interiors – it will successfully serve as a dining chair, and when set up at a desk it will help with work. When buying it for a dining room, consider the option of combining the chair with another model in a completely different colour. For example, navy blue. You can read more about the ROXBY chairHERE.

ROXBY chair

Being already in the dining room, the ELISTA lamp in green can be hung above the table. It is a trendy, modern design inspired by Scandinavian style. The lamp has a black cable, which will visually link it to the aforementioned chair and bookcase. You can find the lamp in the shop by clicking HERE.

ELISTA pendant lamp

In an eclectic interior, it is the details that count. The SOHAN table by Atmosphera is worth placing right next to the sofa or bookcase. It has an intriguing, modern look reminiscent of a chess pawn. The table is made of metal and has a matt surface. It is just under 50 cm high, so it will also work well as a bedside table. You can read more about the table HERE.


The last piece of furniture described to create an eclectic interior is the PERUGIA armchair in brown. Do not be surprised by this choice. The armchair is designed in oiled teak wood and the seat and back are made of soft brown leather. A braided armchair in this colour will warm up the interior and prepare the space for more colours. You can read more about the armchairHERE.

PERUGIA armchair

We found the products described at The online shop offers access to fashionable models of furniture, lighting and accessories. In this one place you can find items to furnish your entire interior. Living room, bedroom, terrace… The shop has been on the Polish market for several years. The team behind it is constantly expanding the range of available products, looking for original forms. The furniture comes from Polish manufacturers, but in the shop’s stock you can also find examples of Spanish, Danish or Italian design. Find out more at

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