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It’s beautiful. Ignatz Hakuba’s townhouse in Bytom regains its lustre

The Ignatz Hakuba townhouse is located on the corner of Weber and Kwietniewski Streets in Bytom. It is a corner building that is currently regaining its splendour. The dilapidated building has been bought by a private owner, who wants to make the premises available here in 2024

Years ago, the tenement house belonged to Ignatz Hakuba, an entrepreneur who was associated with the brewing industry. After renovation, the building will be able to be regarded as one of the architectural landmarks of the city

Soon we will be able to admire the beauty of the townhouses located in the quarter of Piłsudskiego, Kwietniewskiego and Weber Streets. In this area of the Śródmieście district, revitalisation of historical tenement houses is being carried out not only by the city, but also by private owners, thanks to which many magnificent buildings with a rich and interesting history have been saved,’ says the deputy mayor of Bytom, Michał Bieda

Formally, the building consists of two parts. The first is the tenement house addressed at 26 Kwietniewskiego Street, the other at 5 Webera St. Together they form a compact building. Some of the renovation work is almost complete, this can be seen especially in the façade and the bay window that adorns the corner. During the works, the roof, façade and stucco details were comprehensively renovated. The so-called rafters, i.e. elements supporting balconies, bays or cornices, are as new. A total of 17 rafters have been replaced

The interior will also be renovated. The staircases are being renovated and the lobbies are going to be restored by the owner in such a way that they look like they did over a hundred years ago. The building was erected at the end of the 19th century

This is how the building looked BEFORE the work began

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In total, the building offers 1,300 sq m of space. Inside, there are 24 residential units and three commercial units on the ground floor and a partially usable attic. Interestingly, the building also has a so-called patio, a small courtyard inside the building, which the owner plans to green

Thanks to good cooperation with the city authorities and the District Building Control Inspector, the construction work is progressing according to plan. After a comprehensive renovation, we want the place to be not only a showpiece of the city, but also a meeting place for Bytomians, with a functioning restaurant and a café on the ground floor,” says the investor about his plans

The first premises, the owner announces, will be ready for lease as early as spring 2024

photo: archives of the Municipal Office in Bytom – Grzegorz Goik

source: UM Bytom

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