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It’s Scandinavian design. New from BoConcept AW23

For the AW23 season, the BoConcept brand asks, how does Scandinavian design affect our wellbeing? Home is the most important space for relaxation, self-expression and providing protection against an increasingly uncertain tomorrow. “With the new collection, we are betting on the power of design to bring a feeling of peace and satisfaction,” says Collections and Visuals Director Claus Ditlev Jensen. “The new products are designed to bring sensual pleasure into everyday life.”

In the new BoConcept collection, the oversized proportions of the Salamanca sofa respond directly to the desire for comfort at a higher level. Meanwhile, the Santiago dining table reinforces the current trend of organic, sculptural forms and materials. An essential element is the Calgary shelving system, which uses its great potential to inspire ways of storage

The slogan ‘buy less, buy better’ continues to shape consumer appetite for durable materials AND timeless style. With this in mind, Santiago’s auxiliary and coffee tables have durable ceramic tops, while the Calgary system is a piece of furniture designed to evolve over the years as the consumer collects new memorabilia to display or wants to adapt the way it is used for a different room or function

Relax with the Salamanca sofa

The Salamanca is very large, very soft and very comfortable. It has been designed not to be an ordinary piece of furniture, but the centrepiece of everyday life. There is no specific way to position it – play with the cushions, find your favourite position and relaxHenrik Pederson, designer

Our most important innovation is Salamanca, designed by Henrik Pedersen. – This season we have continued to focus on a soft aesthetic emphasised by the texture of the fabric, but with Salamanca we take comfort to an even higher level, says Ditlev Jensen

Bringing a bohemian 70s vibe, Salamanca is a low and ‘floating’ looking lounge sofa with enlarged proportions, designed to let you relax. “In the new collection, we present a more casual, cosy AND family furniture,” says Ditlev Jensen. The comfortable curves contrast with the square shape, creating what Pedersen describes as a ‘closed cushion’

Both the freestanding and modular versions of the sofa allow for customisation and complete flexibility thanks to the movable cushions. The super-soft seats have an overall depth of 112 cm. In keeping with the idea of ‘ultra comfort’, the back cushions are made of foam of two different densities to ensure maximum seating comfort

Outstanding dining room with Santiago table

There are no straight lines in the Santiago table. The legs are curved and the huge ceramic top emphasises the organic character. Everything is a reference to natureMorten Georgsen, designer

Where beauty and functionality meet, the new Santiago dining table is an elegant piece of furniture for people who like to entertain. Designed by Morten Georgsen, the simple AND eye-catching design will appeal to those who love clean lines and exclusive finishes. – ‘The living room and dining room are one room in many homes,’ says Georgsen. – ‘ We’ve opened up our spaces, which means we have room for a larger dining table, as this is the place to spend time with friends and family,’ he adds

The oval tabletop is made of damage- and abrasion-resistant ceramic, available in white, brown and ash. – The natural expression of the ceramic is perfectly highlighted on such a large surface, adds Ditlev Jensen. The glossy top is paired with chamfered cylindrical legs available in dark oak and ash matt lacquer. – The clean lines and organic shapes create a stylish piece for the home, he adds. Complementing the new table is the Santiago series of coffee and side tables with different purposes and similar finishes

Express yourself with Calgary

Calgary is a contemporary take on the storage and display system of how we live now. It combines versatile functionality with lightness of expression and beautiful proportionsMorten Georgsen, designer

Discreet desk, mini bar, stylish storage – discover the art of storage with Calgary. – Ever since BoConcept was founded in 1952, traditional bookcases have been one of the most important elements in our portfolio, says Ditlev Jensen. – The designs have been modernised over the years, but we are now at a point where we welcome a new direction for this product group. Calgary is much more than just storage,” he states. With the growing trend of displaying one’s individual style through interior design elements, Calgary is a storage system that combines aesthetics with functionality. – Consumers still want to renovate and reorganise their homes after a pandemic, adds Ditlev Jensen

The Calgary system is highly customisable – it comes in seven versions (with high and low and wide or narrow options) that can be used in all spaces of the house. Storage, shelving and drawer options are available. – You can also choose a multifunctional configuration with an integrated desk or bar option, depending on your needs, comments Ditlev Jensen. The metal structures are available in ash and black, while the wooden elements are available in natural and dark oak and ash lacquer, allowing for free customisation

Other new products of the AW23 season

For the autumn collection, BoConcept is presenting numerous updates to existing products. Continuing the growing demand for furniture that works in smaller living spaces, the bestselling Kingston dining table has been updated to a ‘small living’ version with a small top, which is available at a very competitive price. An additional seating option is now available for the Bergamo sofa to meet the demand for more compact combinations

The AW23 collection also introduces new materials and colours, further enhancing the personalisation options. Faded green, dark oak and ash lacquer have been introduced as new finishes in the Lugano and Como shelving systems. The new white ceramic joins the brown version that was introduced this spring. It has the same finish, imitating polished marble, which emphasises the luxurious look of the furniture. It is not susceptible to everyday wear and tear (such as scratches, heat and stains), thanks to its durability and minimal porosity

Tuscany is the most important new addition to the upholstery collection for the AW23 season – a woven jacquard chenille fabric with a very pleasing finish. It comes in seven shades and its layered texture gives each piece of furniture a unique blend of colours. Meanwhile, the Napoli velvet fabric will now be available in a new muted green, as well as an earthy, sandy shade. Lazio, on the other hand, will add a cooler grey tone to its repertoire, while Bresso will expand availability with a brand new green

source: BoConcept

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