Like a summer cottage. Black house among the greenery

The black house was designed by Martin Hajný, who runs his own design studio Atelier Hajný. The building was built in the small but picturesque village of Říčany in the Czech Republic.

Říčany is a town of several thousand people located a few kilometres from Prague. Many residents of the capital have their summer cottages there. This time, the owner decided to build an all-year-round house, which will enable comfortable relaxation also in winter. The house was built on the site of an earlier summerhouse, which the owner used as a child.

The shape of the house was designed to resemble the summer cottages built in Czechoslovakia. This is a nod to the past. However, the building is much larger. Its floor area is 180 square metres.

The black house was built on a plot of 820 square metres. The plot is separated on one side by a noise barrier, next to which runs the railway line. The eastern side of the plot is bordered by an access road. There are also several old bungalows in the neighbourhood.

The owner has decided to build a house that will consist of several independent flats. There are two studio flats on the ground floor. Each has an independent entrance. In addition, on the ground floor there is the entrance and technical area of the master suite, the larger part of which was located on the first floor (bedrooms, study and bathroom). The large kitchen of this suite is designed on the ground floor.

The architect proposed a simple building form with a soaring roof. The triangles are clearly defined and their dynamism is enhanced by the light wood shading strips. The shape of the roof is reminiscent of the form of old cottages, and the indentations used provide shelter for the terrace and protection from the rain.

To integrate the building into the landscape, wood was used as the façade material. The natural material also dominates the interior. The building is designed as a low-energy house. That is, it has underfloor heating and air-conditioning and uses recuperation.

design: Atelier Hajný

photo: Radek Úlehla,

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